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Horror movies have captivated audiences for over a century. People everywhere flock to theaters to view chilling horror movies like Saw, Insidious, or the Conjuring. There is just something about horror that humans can’t get enough of. So why do we pay to scare ourselves sick? Why do we pay good money to watch others murdered and tortured to death? What do we possibly get from it all? In a culture were peace and non-violence is constantly promoted, there is still a part of the human that desires the opposite. So why is it that people watch horror movies in the first place? Experts believe there are different theories on why, but the three biggest are: the thrill, the Gender Socialization theory, and simply just because people actually want a scare. Watching horror films just simply for the thrill is one of the biggest theories why we watch horrors. Horror watchers get a rush when scenes play that make you jump and shrill. That feeling they get does not exactly come from getting scared, it mostly comes from when it’s all over and the relief of it being over sets in. While many get disgusted and just can’t handle movies of this genre, others get an enjoyment from it. People also get a thrill from putting themselves in the same situation as the movie. They picture themselves in a life or death situation and think what would they do and how would they react. Also since the heart typically beats faster during a horror film, the adrenaline in the body raises and that feeling is enjoyable and addictive to many. Also if the movie is said to be “based on true events” that gives the viewer and even more thrill ride with the thought that “what if” this happens to me, and they come to thinking “what would I do”. Horror movies are a great way... ... middle of paper ... ...scare. Fear is a rare, infrequent experience. The feeling is like a drug. Some try it for the first time and are hooked, while others retch in disgust and leave the scene before it gets to crazy. So for whatever someone may watch a horror film, experiencing horror within safe confines is an important part of every culture. Horror films help us understand what really terrifies us and make bold statements about the world we live in. Because horror films are not real, we can enjoy them. In all reality, the chances of seeing a murderous clown waving at you or a large man with a chainsaw and “leather” face is most likely, slim to none. Horror movies are something we all can enjoy and all watch because simply we all get different feelings and emotions out of them that we never really get in everyday life. Viewers just love to experience the unusual thrill ride of Horror.