Difference Between Horror And Horror Movies

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You sit down to watch a movie, and you're looking for a pleasant time, to be entertained. Out of all of the possibilities out there, which do you choose, horror, documentaries or comedies? Between horror, documentaries and comedy movies; comedy movies are the most entertaining genre, due to their purpose, appeal for everyone and option even for the family.

Horror movies which are with the intent to scare and elicit fear and paranoia in the viewers. The goal is to leave viewers on high-alert and terrified. To evoke fear and leave a significant impact with you even after the movie finishes. Have you ever watched a horror movie and you’re left feeling shaky and frightful? These movies use fear as the driving force to spike your adrenaline, anxiety
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Sometimes this can be done with making the scenes real life situations, but also range with using supernatural forces, but intend to show the evil in this world. They incorporate very gory scenes that include torture, rape, and death. Brutal and gruesome scenes which glorify suffering and death that can leave you desensitized and numb. Scenes such as decapitation, torture, and cannibalism are thrown around comfortably. Take for example the character Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the movie IT. Pennywise is an unknown mysterious evil being that attracts children and devours them. Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, and Chucky, notably scary characters are loved for their terrifying and gruesome murders. Horror movies have even been found to be bad for your health, by extreme fear or terror onto your body. Experiences of people feeling ill or fainting during horror movies are not uncommon. These feeling that horror movies leave on you are not viewed as entertaining or fun in any way. These themes associated and that are heavily used in horror movies are not appropriate for children.They deal with dark and scary themes. Think for example you say The Nightmare on Elm…show more content…
This is because the primary goal of comedy is to make the audience laugh. The comedic light on everything makes viewing a comedy enjoyable and amusing. Laughter is a form of expressions that everyone connects and understands. It's the universal language that needs no explanation. Laughter helps relieve stress, picks you up and gives you a sense of escapism. Comedies allow you to see the good things in the world and give a positive light on things. Despite everything in your life or in the world that may be troubling you, comedies are a place for laughter and fun. Laughter is truly a shared experience, and that's what comedy is all about. Not only is their goal is to make you laugh, but there are all aspects of humor out there. There is truly a type for everyone. There's a type out there for everyone whether it involves crude humor, found in White Chicks or Dumb and Dumber or all the way to ironic or satirical humor found in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World or Hot Rod. Everyone can find a comedy that appeals to them personally. There also varying themes in comedy that make you enjoy them more. For example, there are comedies that deal with reality and hardships but in a light-hearted way or imaginative worlds and ridiculous scenarios there. Comedy movies are also one of the few genres that can include family friendly options that appeal from kids to adults alike. Movies such as The Lego Movie, Zootopia
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