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Hear No Evil, Only Higher Frequencies

- See no evil, hear no evil. Our canine friends believe they hear nothing but good things from us mostly due to their unwavering dedication and unconditional love. We are truly fortunate to have such extraordinary carnivores as our closest allies and guardians. As part of their service, their ears perform one of the most important deeds as they hear at higher frequencies than humans. The frequency range of dog hearing is approximately 40 Hz to 60,000 Hz as compared to humans which is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, with Hz being the symbol for Hertz, a unit of frequency....   [tags: canine hearing capabilities]

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The Use of Canines in Law Enforcement

- The term “man’s best friend” stems from the domestication of canines in early history. Studies have shown that these four legged creatures became domesticated over 33,000 years ago. Starting with the wolf, there are now over 400 different types of breeds. Dogs were first used as helpers. People would use them for jobs such as hunting and herding. As time went by, people began to use them more for aid and protection. The U.S. Army was the first to initiate the use of K9 Units in 1835. Europe, Belgium, Germany, and Hungary realized the potential of these canines and picked up on the idea in the late 1800s....   [tags: domestication, training, drugs]

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What Dogs Need

- What Dogs Need People and animals need the same things to be happy and healthy. Just like you, your dog needs food, water, shelter, grooming, health care, and love. Puppy eating.Below shows things, which help dogs to stay happy and healthy. Water For Your Dog ------------------ Your dog needs at least 2 dishes filled with fresh water everyday. One should be in the house and the other should be outside. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The water should always be kept clean, cool and fresh....   [tags: Papers]

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Jack Russel Terriers

- Jack Russel Terriers The Jack Russel Terrier is an amazing little dog. The breed has been used for centuries; with it’s main purpose being Fox hunting. It was not discovered until recently, however, what great companions they make. There are many aspects of the breed one should take into consideration before a puppy is purchased. The aspects that will be discussed in this essay are: personality, overall appearance, and training as well. The Jack Russell Terrier is a breed which takes a lot of effort to own, but is very rewarding once a strong bond has been developed with the animal....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Rhodesian Ridgeback

- The Rhodesian Ridgeback originated in South Africa. He was developed in the 1800s from the crossing of European dogs brought by settlers and native dogs from the Khoi-Khoi tribe. A hundred years later a formidable hunting dog had evolved. One that had the instincts, endurance, intelligence, strength and ferocity to be at home in the hostile jungle environment and hunt big game such as lions, wild boars and baboons. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is not a suitable breed for a novice. They are extremely strong willed and determined and need an experienced solid pack leader who will train, socialize and exercise them appropriately....   [tags: Animals ]

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Dogs Encourage Better Health

- The young royals, Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, created headlines last week by revealing the name of their new puppy. Not mentioned in the multitude of stories is how the dog’s presence can affect the health of the future King and Queen. The latest addition to the Royal family, Lupo a four-month-old black cocker spaniel, is an ideal choice of pet for more than his inability to inherit the throne. Medical studies around the world have concluded dogs encourage better health, and adopting a dog statistically boosts the life expectancy of the monarchial pair....   [tags: Animals]

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The Harm of Puppy Mills

- So you want to adopt a puppy. Well there are two main places that your puppy could have been born. First, your puppy could have been born at a puppy mill. This is an inhumane, mass breeding location that can be very detrimental to your new pet. Another location that your puppy could have been born at is a breeder. This is a more humane location for your puppy to have been born. When adopting a puppy you should avoid going to a pet store because most pet stores receive their puppies from puppy mills; inhumane and overpopulated puppy breeding places....   [tags: Pet Adoption, Inhumane Treatment]

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Working Dogs

- Dogs are very common in the world we know today. Many households have one or more. Dogs are trained to be pets. Not only trained to be pets, dogs are also trained for work. Dogs are getting used more and more in our work environment. House dogs can also be considered a working dog depending on why the dog is there. There are many jobs for dogs. Dogs make a big impact on our working and social lives. There are many different types of work dogs. Some types of work dogs also have different jobs for which they are trained for....   [tags: Training Work Dogs]

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Designer Dogs

- There are hundreds of dog breeds in the world. Gun dogs, sight hounds, terriers, toys, utility dogs, and working dogs are the six basic categories of dogs. But, you can also combine two or more breeds of dogs to make a whole new dog breed. Nowadays, you have all sorts of new types of dogs, such as golden doodles, cockapoos, and even daisy dogs, which have resulted from crossbreeding. Hybrid dogs became popular mostly in the last century, when breeders began experimenting with cross breeding different breeds....   [tags: Animals]

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Ban a Pit bull, Save a Life: Why the Ontario Ban against Pit bull Terriers Should Remain in Place

- “Mom. Mom. The dogs got Cody. The dogs got Cody” (Vancouver Sun, 2007). Just a few days after Christmas in 2004, these are the cries that awoke Sheri Fontaine. Fontaine raced from her bed into the living room to find her three-year old son, Cody Fontaine, savaged by the dogs that were staying temporarily in her house. Tragically, young Cody did not survive the attack. A young life taken, a mother’s life ruined. Sadly, this story is not as uncommon as one of violence against people, they exhibit highly stubborn characteristics that make them difficult to control, and such bans have proven to be extremely effective....   [tags: Animal Behavior ]

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My Pit Bull

- My Pit Bull I.     Pit bulls are outlawed in Miami-Dade County because of their vicious nature. A.     In 1990, the American Pit Bull Terrier was outlawed in Miami Dade County. B.     There are many reasons why we fear this particular breed and one reason is because we fear what we do not understand. C.     The pit bull dogs are outlawed in Miami Dade County because of the inbred susceptibility to attack other animals, and because of the danger posed to humans. II.     One stereo type of pit bulls is that they are mean and vicious....   [tags: cause and effect]

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Seeing Eye Dogs and Their Impact on the Blind

- Imagine living your life in complete darkness not knowing where your next step will lead you or if you are about to encounter danger. The blind receive help from Seeing Eye dogs. This allows blind people to be safe and not get themselves into dangerous situations. Without Seeing Eye dogs, blind people wouldn’t get around as easily. Seeing Eye dogs, through their strong characteristics, intensive training and physical help have a huge impact on the blind to enable them to lead productive, independent lives....   [tags: seeing impaired, training, assistance]

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The Domestication of Dogs

- Domestication of Dogs Humans know dogs as a sweet and loving animal that wants to be loved, or also a man’s best friend, but until they were domesticated, they weren’t always like that. Even though many people think that the dogs were domesticated from wolves, not many people truly knows what kind of wolf that the dogs domesticated from. Researchers think that the gray wolf is the primary target of the domestication of dogs. The scientists believe that the dog comes from the gray wolf and the dogs have similar DNA in their body....   [tags: wolves, breeds, dna]

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Hat the Domestication of Dogs Influenced a Shuffle in their Genetic Make-up

- Has the domestication of dogs influenced a shuffle in their genetic make-up.   RESEARCH QUESTION; Has the domestication of dogs influenced a shuffle in their genetic make-up. WHAT IS A GENE; the definition of a gene is “a distinct sequence of nucleotides forming part of a chromosome, the order of which determines the order of monomers in a polypeptide or nucleic acid molecule which a cell (or virus) may synthesize” (Oxford online dictionary, 2014). This can be understood to be a component of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) which determines hereditary characteristics and or traits in an organism....   [tags: genetic science]

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Detection Dogs' Training

- Detection dogs have become an integral part of the criminal justice system over the past centuries. Military personnel and law enforcement officers alike utilize canines as companions and partners in the field due to their strength and attributes of loyalty and courage, which complement that of his handler. It was not until the late 1800s that canines would be utilized to their full potential as detection dogs by using their heightened sense of smell to further their contribution to civil services....   [tags: Roles, Evolution, Breeds]

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Canine Behavioral Deficits: Potential Causes and Preventions

- This year, in the United States alone, an estimated three to six million cats and dogs will be euthanized as a result of behavior problems (Beerda, Bosch, Hendriks, Vander Poel, and Verstegen, 2007). Unwanted behaviors are cited as being the primary reason that canines are relinquished to rescue shelters (Beerda et al., 2007). Individuals that surrender their dogs rarely pursue an active intervention strategy to correct problem behaviors, often claiming that time and financial constraints prohibit further intercession (Marston and Bennet, 2003)....   [tags: Animal Behavior]

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Ending Over Population of Companion Animals

- There are many reasons why companion animals are a great asset to people and pet owners, most of these benefits are health related. People who own companion animals are more likely to exercise and have reduced blood pressure. Spending time with a companion animal also increases longevity after a heart attack and reduces stress for people with Alzheimer's. Patients in hospitals who spend time with companion animals are usually more social, cooperative and have pain relief (Willetts Health Benefits lecture)....   [tags: animal rights, animal abuse and neglect]

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Fun With Electric Shock Collars

- Fun With Electric Shock Collars Some of the brightest days in the life of a child come with the addition of a new puppy to the family. With this overwhelming joy, however, comes the difficult task of training the puppy to defecate and urinate outside the house, to keep valuable objects out of his mouth, and to avoid particular “off-limits” areas such as a living room. This last training objective will be the focus of my paper. It is beneficial for the happiness and work of the adults of the household to keep a rambunctious young puppy out of a freshly planted garden or a beautiful landscape....   [tags: Dogs Puppies Training Fence Essays]

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Unethical Pitbull Owners

- Never Mind the Dog Beware of the Owner      The American Pit Bull Terrier is a good breed of dogs that has earned its popularity throughout the world. The Pit bull is well known to be a loyal, brave and a very good companion to its owner. However, caution should be taken to avoid these terriers from getting into the hands of unethical owners.      According to the United Kennel Club (UKC), the standard for the American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog that is square and powerful with a blocky head, prominent cheeks and jaw, taut, and muscular body....   [tags: Animals Dogs Pit Bull Terrier essays papers]

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Owning A Pit Bull

- Owning A Pit Bull Own a Good Dog Own A Pit Bull There are many different qualities to consider when choosing a dog. Pit Bulls have all the qualities needed to become a great companion. Although, if you treat them wrong when they're growing up there is a good chance they will get out of control. If you raise them right you will have one of the best dogs ever. For example my friend had a Pit Bull that he would hit for no reason and one-day the dog attacked him and hurt him pretty bad. This is a good example of why you should treat your dog right....   [tags: Papers]

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Cosmetic Industry and History

- Cosmetics have multiple uses worldwide and various forms have existed for many years. Beauty products originated in Egypt in The modern cosmetic industry rose and prospered in the United States and Europe in the 1920s along with the popularity of flappers. Flappers were identified as a “’new breed’ of young Western women in the 1920s” (“Flapper.” 1). These women had tendencies to smoke, drink, and have casual sex. Flappers wore short skirts and dresses, and excessive amounts of makeup. They wore more makeup than was “previously acceptable outside of theatre usage” (“Flapper” 1)....   [tags: Beauty Products, Egypt, Flappers, History]

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Book Report: Hideout by Gordon Korman

- The book HIDEOUT, written by Gordon Korman, begins with an adventurous group of middle school kids that come to the rescue of one of their friends to hide a fierce Doberman before a crooked businessman can bring him harm. The story starts out in the beginning of August, in Cedarville, New York, with the school friends all heading off to summer camps but they did not know they would be sneaking a dog along with them. There are two main characters in each of the summer camps and the story takes place in all three of these camps....   [tags: Dogs, Middle School, Camp]

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The Truth About Pit Bulls

- Owning a pit bull in today’s day and age has one of two reactions: Either the person loves them or is terrified of them. There are so many myths about Pit Bulls and they are just that. Myths. Some of the myths that surround pit bulls are that they have “lock jaw” and they have a killer instinct that does not stop at just killing other animals. Pit bull advocates, such as myself, know that Pit Bulls have always been known as the “nanny dog” throughout history because of how much they love children and their loyalty to their families....   [tags: Animal Research ]

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Pedigree Breeding

- The purpose of this paper is to discuss the trend of increased health problems in the modern canine being caused by inappropriate breeding practices. Definition of Terms: COI- Shows the relationship between two purebreds found by the formula: Fx = Sum[(½)n1 + n2 + 1(1 + FA)] (“About Inbreeding”). Dystocia- Painful and troubled labor (“Dystocia Definition”). Elbow Dysplasia (ED)- Painful disorder in the elbow joint caused by improper bone growth (Maki). Exophtalmosis- A condition in which the eye comes out of the socket (“Exothalmos”)....   [tags: Genetics]

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Petco, Animals, and the Humans Who Control Everything

- The other day I was sitting with a friend of mine in a class, all of a sudden she turns to me saying, "You got to see this." Expecting to be handed a phone to read some text or watch a video to my surprise she hands me a copy of National Geographic turned to an article about the domestication of foxes. "Borrow it from me, I know you're into animal stuff, you got to read it." Only my friends would do this, but this article is a really great starting point to discussing pets. I think it is important to explain how I happened upon the article, because I doubt I would have gotten passed an article about wild foxes, or wild animals for that matter....   [tags: Pets, Animal Relationships]

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How Dogs Are More Loyal Than Humans

- Dogs are wonderful creatures. They are loyal, dependable companions if given the opportunity. In recent years I have come to the opinion that we could learn something from these animals. We should also take a look at the manner in which they are being treated. Abandonment, irresponsible breeding, and neglect are only some of the ways that humans are failing the canine species. A few years ago my husband Ryan and I decided to get a dog. For several weeks we made trips to the Regina Humane Society, waiting to find the perfect dog for us....   [tags: Pets]

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The Study of Human Race and Ethnicity

- Physical and Biological anthropologists have proven that human race indeed exists and is valid. Through modern bone analysis techniques like midfacial measurements and femur traits for example, we are now able to distinguish the biological background of different Homo sapiens. Forensic anthropologists identify human remains based on their race. Race is the key to science. The biggest misconception of race is racism. Race has become this controversial topic that is considered taboo in today’s society....   [tags: Culture, Anthropology]

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The Benefits of Guide Dogs

- The Benefits of Guide Dogs and the Process of Obtaining Them If you are 16 or older, legally blind, and have the ability to love and take care of a dog, you may be a candidate for a guiding eyes dog. Guide dogs help blind or visually impaired people get around the world. In most countries, they are allowed anywhere that the public is allowed, so they can help their handlers be any place they might want to go. To do this, a guide dog must know how to: keep on a direct route, ignoring distractions such as smells, other animals and people, maintain a steady pace to the left and just ahead of the handler, stop at all curbs until told to proceed, turn left and right, move for...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Quantitative Research Methodology of ABC Kitchens

- In this memo I will discuss the quantitative research techniques for ABC kitchens, the information which the statistics will provide for ABC Complete kitchens and I will define the management information systems in the place which can provide the productivity data required. ABC Complete kitchens is right now extremely competitive and really active. Its technological advancement is a really important component of the current business environment. The information management system, decision support system and the e-business objective are few technologies which are used by the firm (Decision Support Systems, 2010)....   [tags: Management Information, Growth Rate]

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Save More Dogs

- Introduction Buying a puppy from the pet store might be one of the most phenomenal moments in a life. Unfortunately, puppy mills sell their malnourished dogs to pet stores. Puppy mills are huge kennels where pure bred puppies are crowded together in unsanitary housing with no food. Dogs who did no wrong to this world do not deserve to live in these conditions. The amount of puppy mills are increasing and must be stopped by adopting dogs from shelters, not buying puppies from pet stores and putting stronger laws into action....   [tags: puppies, dogs, pet store, pound, animals, pets]

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The History and Evolution of Dogs

- (word count includes Annotated Bibliography) Throughout the world there are many different countries that contain diverse cultures, religions, and life styles. There is however certain aspects within these countries and cultures that acts as a common ground between one another. One dominant aspect is the existence of dogs within these cultures. Dogs are common throughout the world, either as a domestic pet, a protector on a farm, or an assistant for hunting; amongst others. Regardless of the reason for having a dog most people have either owned one for themselves or has known somebody who has owned one at some point in their life....   [tags: Informative Essay, Research Paper]

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Saving Pets From Death In Shelters

- A Man's Best Friend For many of us, the animals in our lives are our faithful pals who make us laugh, that keep us company and love us no matter what. But a man’s best friend doesn’t necessarily have to be a dog; I believe that any animal can be considered to be a man’s best friend. On the other hand they are many animals who don’t have the same luck as other animals do. For those animals life is hard for them on the streets .Most animals on the streets often suffer from hunger, illness, tumors, skin infections and open sores....   [tags: Animals, Animal Shelter]

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Animal Adoption, the Price of Love

- ... Even though the below chart shows that animals in Los Angeles County the dog intake (Fig 1, Wahl, 2014) from 2009-2014 has stayed steady and in (Fig 2, Wahl, 2014) shows that from 1997-2013 euthanized animal is on the decline. Benefits of Adopting Animals that are lucky to enjoy adoption from a local shelter come with a guarantee that they are healthy, they have been spayed/neutered, and that they have a well behaved temperament. In addition, if the pet does not work out, many shelters offer an exchange program, within a certain amount of days....   [tags: pets, animal euthanization]

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Animal Testing Should Be Banned

- Animal testing : Why are animals being tortured. An English philosopher Jeremy Bentham once stated his question about animals “Can they reason?Can they talk. most importantly, Can they suffer?”(Peter Singer) Are animals born to be experimented . In fact,95% of animals are not protected by Federal Animal Welfare act[AWA] in experiments(The Hastings Center). Some people think animal testing is unjust because of how they treat animals and use animals. which is just cruel and inhumane. I mean why are scientists using animals when we can use humans for more reliable information....   [tags: Animal Testing Essays]

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Puppy Training Tips

- Puppy is home, I assume that as a new puppy owner you researched what kind of puppy chosen, what their temperament is like, how well they will fit into the home situation that is specific to you. All of that aside now puppy is home and needs training. Here are some training tips that will not only keep you the puppy owner sane, calm, and happy but ways to train that puppy with love and kindness. No harsh words, no rolled up newspaper, no spankings and no yelling involved. Purchase puppy pads; yes those little blue pads that are put in the floor....   [tags: How-To Paper]

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Medical Issues of Africa

- As many shortages continue to increase in Africa, one of the main shortages is assistance in the medical field. Many factions of medical assistance that should be in Africa are not being sent, the different factions of medical assistance includes dental, general medicine, optometrical, and missionary (volunteer) work. Medical problems included are the pandemics of AIDS, Malaria, Polio, and Bilharzia. Many inland waters in Africa, especially the central region are infected with Bilharzia, which is caused by parasites that live and breed in specific freshwater snails....   [tags: Health Care ]

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Animal Abuse Is Cruel and Inhumane

- Animal abuse is cruel and inhumane. Many people think of animal abuse is only beating animals and hurting them, but there is other ways to be cruel to an animal. Animal cruelty is not only animal abuse, but also neglect. Ignoring, not taking proper care of, and ditching on the side of the road and leaving animals to die are all common forms of neglect. The most common form of neglect is chaining. Many people don't realize that their doing anything wrong when they tie their dog to a tree, but they are causing much harm....   [tags: neglect, greyhound racing]

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Cruelty of Puppy Mills, a Speech Outline

- Topic: Puppy Mills Organization: Cruelty of Puppy Mills/Individuals purchasing dogs from puppy mills/Stricter federal and state laws/Encouraging individuals to not buy from pet stores/online Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience purchase their dogs from breeders and not puppy mills o the Internet because puppy mills can me detrimental to a puppy’s health. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: How many of you have own a dog. B. Relevance: I’m sure that many of you have been tempted to buy a puppy while scrolling through the numerous websites online filled with cute pictures of healthy looking puppies....   [tags: dogs, shelter, pet sotres]

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A High Salary for Higher Education

- A high salary for a high education America has become an economy where education is the key to success. In the economy where we live today, it is becoming harder to rub to nickels together. The job market is looking for qualified people to hire that can set them apart from the economic setbacks of today’s time. They want the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the elite. In order to raise the bar and set one’s self higher than the rest, it should be a “no-brainer” to attend an elite or popular school of your choice....   [tags: college, college debt]

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Evolution of Dogs

- The grey wolf has been transformed into what we, today, call a dog. After years of traveling with humans, the wolf began to change and became adapted and tame enough to socialize with humans. The environment it was placed into was one of the causes for change, and another was the role it played for humans. The most likely scenario for wolves beginning to coexist with humans is that a human hunting party came across a very young wolf cub and decided to take it with them. The wolf cub would have been very puppy-like at an early age....   [tags: Animal Research ]

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Human Responsibilities in Domestic Breeding

- Human Responsibilities in Domestic Breeding Introduction For centuries humans have taken on the role of selectively breeding various animals in the pursuit of specific traits or behaviors. A question that is often ignored, and which I want to address, is what responsibility do the breeders have in selecting dam and sires for a mating, in regard to the offspring from that cross. In the past, animals were regarded with varying levels of respect and moral status. In early hunter-gather societies, animals were perceived as being fully rational, sentient and intelligent beings and thus be treated with due respect and consideration (1)....   [tags: Animals, Domestication, Inbreeding]

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The Beagle

- The Beagle is one of the merriest sweetest dog breeds around. They are full of enthusiasm and brimming with energy, always ready to run, play and hunt. They are best suited in a home that has the time and energy to keep up to them. The Beagle is an extremely friendly dog; those looking for a guard dog should look elsewhere. It is said; a Beagle will not only meet a burglar with tail a wagging but will show him where you keep your valuables. However, they will usually bark at any suspicious sound so make a fine barking watchdog....   [tags: Pets]

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Adopt and Save a Life

- ... Unlike responsible breeders, who place the utmost importance on producing the healthiest puppies possible, breeding at puppy mills is performed without consideration of genetic quality. Puppy mills have their pets in shockingly poor conditions. Sharon Peter a USA Today writer wrote an article on puppy mills, she claimed that the dogs from puppy mills show a significantly high levels of fears and phobias, compulsive and repetitive behaviors, and heightened sensitivity to being touched or picked up....   [tags: pet overpopulation]

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A Reminder of the Past

- Last November, I got a new puppy named Kakashi; he's the cutest thing my wife and I have ever seen. As we were taking him home after driving two hours to get him., he crawled over into my lap, looked up at me, and barked. That sounded more like a squeak than a bark. He then laid his head on my lap as we were driving home. When he did that it reminded me of my first puppy. When I was eight, I got my first puppy. His name was Lucky, he was half German Shepherd half Chow. He was reddish-brown with black on the top of his back with pointy ears and a curly tail....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Cropping Boxers

- Throw around words such as boxer and ear cropping and people will probably figure you’re referring to the sport know as boxing. Specifically to a notorious world championship bout in which one boxer did indeed crop the ear of another. Our discussion is here, though, it focuses on an entirely different species of boxers, and an entirely different style of ear cropping. The boxer, of course is the boxer dog. A breed that by custom and by standards typically undergoes a surgical procedure designed to turn it’s naturally floppy-style ear into ears that stand tall, stiff, and erect.(Abraham 8) Meanwhile at the other end of the Boxer’s well muscled physique, we find it’s tail, or what...   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Ultimate Pet: A Pet Rock

- The Ultimate Pet: A Pet Rock A pet rock can be as comforting to me as any canine or feline. Some would believe that a man's best friend is a dog. However, living in a confined two bedroom apartment, I do not have the luxury or permission for a forty pound dog to be plopping around. This is why I have found comfort in my pet rock. A pet rock can replace many of the duties, such as a companionship, I can get from a pet dog or cat. When I go shopping for a pet, I look for the appropriate size and color to meet my needs....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Puppy Love: Things You Should Consider Before Bringing an Animal to Your Home

- When thinking about purchasing a puppy, it is something that you should definitely take some time to consider. Bringing in a new animal is a very huge commitment. You are choosing to care and give love unconditionally to that animal. Although you get to go out on your own and see the world, the animals don’t get that option, so you are their world. Getting a puppy is beneficial but also costly and difficult at times. Before purchasing an animal you should really evaluate yourself to know if you are capable of maintaining one....   [tags: commitment to care, grate danes]

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The Call Of The Wild by Jack London

- Type of Work: Adventure novel Setting Northland (Alaska); the goldrush of the 1890s Principal Characters Buck, a large, intelligent and well-bred dog Spitz, a cruel lead sled dog John Thornton, Buck's Northiand master Buck, a huge four-year-old Scottish Shepherd-Saint Bernard cross-breed, lived a life of ease at Judge Miller's Santa Clara Valley estate. As the judge's loyal companion, working with his sons, and guarding his grandchildren, Buck ruled over all things - humans included. Combining his mother's intelligence with the size and strength of his father, Buck became the undisputed leader of all the dogs on the estate....   [tags: Book Review Report]

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The Bond Between Humans and Dogs in Jack London's The Call of the Wild

- The Relationship between Humans and Dogs As the dogs pull the sleigh with all their might through the thick winter snow, they are forced to move forward by the “Law of the Club” in the fictional book, The Call of the Wild by Jack London. In the novel, London describes how a pet dog, Buck, is introduced to the wild. Buck is familiar with the dull boring life in the Santa Clara Valley, but now he is challenged into the wild. The Call of the Wild shows how there is a codependence between humans and dogs, demonstrates how humans take advantage of dogs for their personal needs, and describes how relationships between snow dogs and humans are short....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Jack London's Impact in the Writing World

- Jack London was an American man of many talents, which included being an author, journalist and a social activist, despite being minimally educated. Nonetheless, he was undoubtedly most recognized for his short stories and novels that fixated on the harsh, cold climates that Mother Nature crafted. London focused on a deeper level of the wild and the literary devices in his work are littered throughout every one of his novels and short stories, including The Call of the Wild, White Fang, as well as “To Build a Fire.” London’s actual name was John Griffith Chaney and he was born on January 12, 1876 in San Francisco, California....   [tags: Author, Journalist, Social Activist]

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Plans Don't Work

- ... Jack ignores him. Today, Jack is at the beach with his friends. His current book is some game novelization he never bothered learning the name of. Jack holds it up to block the sun. The sky is a clear blue, so the sun shines harshly upon him. The slight ocean breeze mitigates the effects though. He watches his friends. They are laughing, playing in the water after an intense game of beach volleyball. When asked if he wanted to play, Jack told his friends he would rather read his book. A frisbee hits jack....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Atticus Finch: Stronger Than Hercules

- “All heroes and heroines share several characteristics in common: They embody characteristics their society values” (Reilly). Odds are, the word, “hero” conjures up images of strong, powerful, hardy men battling monsters and evil forces. Achilles, the legendary Greek warrior whose story is chronicled in Homer’s The Illiad, and Superman, the invincible savior from the Planet Krypton, are two such examples. However, there is a new breed of hero, the modern hero. The modern hero is not necessarily a stereotypical strongman....   [tags: heroes, heroines, modern heroe]

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the call of the wild

- The Call of the Wild, on the surface, is a story about Buck, a four- year old dog that is part Shepherd and part St. Bernard. More importantly, it is a naturalistic tale about the survival of the fittest in nature. Throughout the novel, Buck proves that he is fit and can endure the law of the club, the law of the fang, and the laws of nature. Buck had been raised in California, on the ranch of Judge Miller. There he had the run of the place and was loved and pampered by all. Unfortunately, one of the judge's workers had a gambling problem and stole Buck to sell him for fifty dollars....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How Language Continues to Change

- Language, like anything else, is in a state of continuous change. Language change takes place when a generation of speakers produces linguistic expressions that differ from previous generations of speakers. With every generation, words are borrowed from other languages, new words are invented, meanings of words change, and pronunciation of some words is altered. The process of language change might be slow or fast. However, as changes accumulate over time, the old and new language will extremely vary....   [tags: language, change, generation, typologies]

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Guide Dogs

- My report is going to be on guide dogs. In this I will show how the guide dogs are used in everyday life. I will show how they are trained to help the blind. I will show you about guide dogs and service dogs. I will also show you the dog breeds used for guide and service dogs. In this I will show you the importance of guide dogs to the disabled. Guide dogs begin training at just a puppy. The dogs are taught basic things like to sit, stay, wait, down, off, etc. and of course they are taught to be house broken....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Process of Negotiation

- Introduction: First of all Negotiation is in a simple way is the process by which we obtain what we want from someone who wants something from us, more like a win-win situation. Therefore in this seminar a lot of issues were discussed within the area of Negotiation. We were provided with illustrative explanations and detailed knowledge on how to go about with negotiation especially in the sales field. Among the many things on the agenda was the negotiation process, motivation sources for people, peoples buying behavior or decisions on buying or not buying....   [tags: Negotiation Essays]

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We looked at the poems The Behaviour of Dogs and Flying to Belfast,

- We looked at the poems The Behaviour of Dogs and Flying to Belfast We looked at the poems The Behaviour of Dogs and Flying to Belfast, 1977 by Craig Raine. In Raine's poem The Behaviour of dogs he describes to us the many different breeds and types of dog that there are in the world and what effect they have on our lives. In the poem Craig Raine describes dogs in a different way than we would normally think of them to make us see them in unfamiliar ways. To make the dogs' actions easier for us to imagine he uses imagery of things we see in everyday life and on television but that we don't usually associate with dogs, "Their feet are four-leafed clovers that leave a jigsaw in the dust"....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Call of the Wild by Jack London

- The Call of the Wild by Jack London The title of the book is 'The Call of the Wild' and was written by Jack London in 1903. He was the son of an Irish-American astrologer and his mother was Flora Wellman, the odd one out of a well to do family. They lived a life of poverty in Pennsylvania. Jack read a lot and at the age of fifteen left home and travelled around North America as a tramp. On charges of vagrancy, he spent 30 days in prison. After educating himself he managed to gain entry to a university, before being caught up in the Klondike River Gold Rush in North Canada, 1896....   [tags: Papers]

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Understanding Animal Cruelty

- One has to know what animal cruelty is before they can fight it affectively. Every day in the United States, animals are beaten, neglected, or forced to struggle for survival. ( 1)We must stand as one to help these animals and punish their heartless owners ( 1). We must speak out for them, if now us who. ( 1). According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) animal cruelty is defined as “Acts of violence or neglect perpetrated against animals are considered animal cruelty,” according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)....   [tags: Animal Cruelty]

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Way Back In The Ozarks

- Way Back in the Ozarks Book Report Part One Title – Way Back in the Ozarks Author – Howard Hefley # Of Pages – 262 Publisher – Copyright Date - November 1992 Part Two This novel is about a young boy’s life (the author). It starts of f him describing his hometown and how life was back then. The name of his town is Judy. Then it goes start into his life story. He ask his dad if can go hunting with him one early morning in the summer. He is bout 8 years of age now and is almost old enough to handle a gun....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Private Schools vs. Public Schools

- Have you ever attended a private institution. What was your experience like. Think back and compare it to your ideal public school, which one happens to pale in comparison. Public schools, which are controlled by the government, and heavily influenced, by politicians and privateers, hurt your children, not allowing them to reap the full benefits of their growing mind. “Our schools have been scientifically designed to prevent over-education from happening. The average American [should be] content with their humble role in life, because they are not tempted to think about any other role.” (William T....   [tags: Education ]

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Taking Care of Animals: Kill Versus No-Kill Shelter

- ... A no-kill shelter probably started as a wonderful idea, but was soon turned into a very bad thing. The idea of a no-kill shelter is that any animals that is well-tempered enough or healthy enough to be adopted out, would be. The negative aspect of no-kill shelters is that once they run out of room to place the animals, a few things start happening. When shelters are filled to capacity, they are forced to turn away animals in need. These animals that are turned away are left on the streets or in the hand or irresponsible owners who cannot properly take care of these animals....   [tags: pets, caretakers, animal cruelty]

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The Many Benefits of Pet Ownership

- “A dog is a man’s best friend” goes much deeper than the phrase might initially imply. Recently many medical journals have begun to identify with the many and varied benefits of pet ownership. Men have always relied upon animals for work, transportation, and survival. As times have changed, man has begun to appreciate a different bond with animals. Gone are the days of animals running free outside around the homestead, for now animals are allowed inside and are considered by many to be an integral part of our daily lives....   [tags: Psychology ]

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Creation vs. Evolution

- The purpose of this essay is not to prove “Darwinian” evolution, as the writer would be performing a feat already done by others, but to examine a certain track of thought amongst Creation proponents. Specifically their noting certain improbabilities of evolution's ability to “design.” I'll evade defining the individual concepts because they've all been described before, and far better than I could manage, although I'll point out that micro/macro evolution distinction is largely Creationist lingo, as is the “kind” terminology....   [tags: Evolution]

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The Vietnam War

- Military police The Vietnam war brought about multiple uses for the military police. These men had a wide spectrum of jobs, which could range from fighting in the front line all the way to traffic control. They also fought in many battles, raided towns, guarded important cargo and areas, training dogs, digging out tunnel rats, and catching Vietcong members. The members of the military police were separated into 8 different brigades that all fell under the 18th military brigade. The 18th military brigade the fell into three categories, the 8th, the 16th, and the 89th, which each had 3 sub categories branching off....   [tags: military police, battles, raided towns]

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Siberian Husky

- Siberian Huskies are thought to have come from Siberia when there was a land bridge between Alaska and Siberia. The Siberian Husky has some very unusual characteristics. Some of the characteristics are behavioral and some are physical. Overall the Siberian Husky is a beautiful, trustworthy and loyal companion to its master and family. Some of the Siberian Huskies unusual physical traits can be found in their eyes. The Siberian Husky can have blue eyes or brown eyes or one of eye of each color (to have one of each color is a physical flaw)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How Rabbits Changed My Life

- I was never liked much when I was younger. I was constantly made fun of and teased unmercifully. I was looked down upon when I was in school. It was as if everything I did wasn't good enough. I didn't succeed in anything. I made bad grades in school, I was worse in sports, and as the result of that my self esteem was zero. That all began to change the day I bought my first rabbit. Raising rabbits has improved my self esteem tremendously. Having a high self esteem is one of the most important assets a person can have....   [tags: Personal Narrative, essay about myself]

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Pet Overpopulation

- Pet Overpopulation A pack of dogs is playing in a ditch which is in the middle of a busy road. Some people in the cars look to see if the dogs' owner is nearby and wonder why anyone would allow their dogs to play so close to danger. Some drivers seem oblivious to the motley assortment romping in the water next to the road. They all keep driving without another thought for the safety or lives of those poor creatures. Unfortunately, this is a common scene in many areas. Unwanted dogs and cats are dumped to fend for themselves because there just are not enough homes for all of them....   [tags: Personal Essays]

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The Furry Newcomer

- ... All that was left to do was to relax and enjoy the comforts of home. On one lazy afternoon, my mom and I were watching the ‘Dog Whisperer’ – a Caesar Milan show on Discovery channel. Needless to say, we both loved watching any shows on dogs. Out of the blue, mom said, “How wonderful it would be to get a Labrador Retriever the next time we get a dog!” I sat up straight as a jolt of excitement passed through me and my devilish mind started ticking. Already I could imagine having a little puppy in the house and the joy it would bring....   [tags: short story]

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Imagery of Disease and Decay in Hamlet

- Imagery of Disease and Decay in Hamlet       William Shakespeare found that imagery was a useful tool to give his works greater impact and hidden meaning. In Hamlet, Shakespeare used imagery to present ideas about the atmosphere, Hamlet's character, and the major theme of the play. He used imagery of decay to give the reader a feel of the changing atmosphere. He used imagery of disease to hint how some of the different characters perceived Hamlet as he put on his "antic disposition". And finally, he used imagery of poison to emphasize the main theme of the play; everybody receives rightful retribution in the end....   [tags: GCSE English Literature Coursework]

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What is the role of dreams in John Steinbeck’s novella

- What is the role of dreams in John Steinbeck’s novella ‘Of Mice and Men’ In John Steinbeck’s novella, ‘Of Mice and Men,’ the role of dreams plays a very important part. The book was written during the ‘Great Depression,’ which occurred just after the well known ‘Wall Street Crash.’ The book Of Mice and Men was set in the depression of the 1930’s in California in a place called Soledad. Men travelled around looking for any work they could find, they had to leave families and their homes just to make money....   [tags: English Literature]

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America's Downward Spiral

- America's Downward Spiral In recent years, the economy in the United States has been in what most would see as a recession. American people differ in the way they react to a recession. Some, such as Michael Moore, feel it becomes a downward spiral as big business and it’s stockholders gain more money and power, and it’s workers gain less money and stability. With a loss of stability for the American worker there is a fear of losing their health benefits, social security, pension plan, and most of all, their job....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Call of the wild

- The Call of the Wild: Life lessons that are learned and thought Introduction As a student in Introduction to Literature I have had the opportunity to engage in reading and writing from the books listed: The Call of the Wild, Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s, and I know why the cage bird sings. These books have taught me that a message could be delivered in many perspectives. I have learned that a book is more than a story being told. It is up to the reader imagination to take then to that magical place....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Moral And Psychological Atmosphere

- From its opening, the tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, plunges us into a world of mystery, intrigue and plotting. It is dark, enigmatic and yet resplendent court of Elsinor that we saunter into, a court dominated at different times by two characters. With Hamlet trying to prove Claudius's guilt, and Claudius trying to pierce the secret of Hamlet's madness, and using Polonius, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, Ophelia, and finally Gertrude as his pawns. This makes the atmosphere more and more gloomy and tense The play begins with the Changing of the guards on a cold winter's night at the castle of Elsinor....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Extreme Cuisines

- While every culture has its own standards for what is socially acceptable, what is considered acceptable for some, may be considered odd for others. Humans need food in order to sustain life, but some extreme cuisines are hard to stomach. Imagine swallowing the still beating heart of a snake or snacking on cockroaches, crawling grubs and a salad of bugs. A delicacy in some cultures is disgusting for others. What we eat says a lot about who we are. It is a clear case of nurture over nature; what a person chooses to eat depends very much on where they are born and raised....   [tags: culture, food, delicacy]

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Adoption of Animals

- Adoption of Animals Anyone, who visits an animal shelter, as I do, sees an extraordinary number of beautiful, affectionate, and desperate dogs and cats. The majority of animals in any particular shelter are dogs, usually adults, for whom there aren't enough adoptive homes waiting. A few may have come from responsible breeders, whose owners do not realize that the breeder will take them back,many are those who are lost, and/or from owners who simply got tired of them. Some are pet shop puppies from a puppy mill that did not meet the owner's expectations due to health, temperament, or other reasons....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Neurological Memory

- The Human Memory The reason people exist is because of two important things: memory and language, which have been vital in the evolution of humanity. (Our ancestors needed language to explain how to light a fire to keep them warm and a memory to remember how to do it). So we have a memory because if we did not we would never have evolved far enough for you to ask this question in this place. So how does it work. The process involve in the human memory are very complex… I will present you the neuralgic and biologic part then Aurelie will talk about the characteristics of our human memory and then Sebastien will explain the troubles of the memory… Despite big advances in recent years, m...   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Picture this for a second. You come home both mentally and physically exhausted after a strenuous day at school. All you want to do is watch TV and relax with your best friend. As you begin up the concrete cracked driveway, these thoughts linger in your mind. You push the key into the door handle but you notice something is wrong. There is no barking, no tail wagging, no sign of your best friend at the gate. All that is left is a notice on the front door explaining that your dog has been destroyed by the RSCPA....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Lakota Woman

- Lakota Woman Mary was born with the name Mary Brave Bird. She was a Sioux from the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. She belonged to the "Burned Thigh," the Brule Tribe, the Sicangu. The Brules are part of the Seven Sacred Campfires, the seven tribes of the Western Sioux known collectively as the Lakota. The Brule rode horses and were great warriors. Between 1870 and 1880 all Sioux were driven into reservations, fenced in and forced to give up everything. Her family settled in on the reservation in a small place called He-Dog....   [tags: American History Native Americans Essays]

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- The Coyote (canis latrans) . Sharp fangs, mean growl, shrill cry. You may think I am talking about a new werewolf movie, but I am really talking about the coyote. It is not as fierce as it may sound, They are quite unique animals. Their ability to adapt to almost any enviorment is astounding. The Name The name coyote is a Spanish alteration of the original Aztec name coyotl. The Latin name Canis latrans, meaning barking dog, was given to it by Thomas Say, who published a description of the species in 1833....   [tags: essays research papers]

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