dogs are cool

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dogs are cool. they smell good. they fart, and they eat alot of food. dogs are also very hairy. sometimes their hair is brown, sometimes it is white, and still other times is is black... have you ever seen a dog with no jkcool i sae a ah shf fkfnfa jdf d i sae dj that t you a re so coll fjfja red whit e jbakc are yu happyy eococ rocco is cool collin so conff djfn kljfdkl jgioawueajkljfnkajpoijwlkfv jdfjdsiajfk j fjfj j dfjlkfj ALCOHOLISM There are many social issues facing the United States today that affect the world in different ways. One of the most popular as well as severe issues confronting our nation today is alcoholism. The question seems to be: is alcoholism simply and individualistic problem, or is it a disease capable of wiping out friendships, families, and possibly much of the United States? In order to fully understand the severity of alcoholism and its effects, one must study the problem from an interdisciplinary level. Specifically, a historical, and psycho-sociological perspectives will help to understand alcoholism the best. First one must understand what exactly alcoholism is, and whom it effects. By definition, alcoholism is a primary, chronic disease, with genetic, psychological, and environmental factors, characterized by continuous impaired control over drinking. The disease can and does effect all people of all ages, sexes, races, and economic status. This is clearly a horrific issue, and ...

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