Essay about The Scientific Of Scientific Realism

Essay about The Scientific Of Scientific Realism

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Scientific realism is defined in terms of the truth of empirically proven scientific theories. A scientific realist is someone who thinks that all scientific theories aim to describe the universe as it is. Scientific realists believe the claim that there is true progress in science and whether the unobservable entities explained by science can really be taken as truth. The distinction between observable and unobservable entities is reflected by the human senses. For instance, a scientific realist believes in the existence of electrons because of empirical data despite not being able to see an electron with human senses. Within the philosophy of science, scientific realism answers the question of “How is the success of science to be explained?” It answers that by saying that a person can make valid claims about unobservable entities as observables. While there are differences in different dimensions of scientific realism, the general belief of realism is that mankind’s best scientific theories give true descriptions of both observable and unobservable aspects of our world.
An important individual in the school of scientific realism is Karl Popper. Karl Popper is regarded as one of the greatest philosophers of science of the 20th century. Popper outlined in his work, Realism and the Aim of Science, the school of realism and made his own arguments to back up the ideas of realism. Popper views the search for truth as “one of the strongest motives for scientific discovery”, just like realism does. He also is a proponent of the concept that science is progressive in nature just like realism claims. Popper was also a fan of the method of falsification, which was not a way to reject or get rid of the original scientific theory, but simp...

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The best argument in favor of anti-realism is the under-determination of theory by the data. This theory states that the empirical evidence available at any given time will always “undermine, or will not be able to completely discriminate between, alternative theories.” The best way to conceptualize this theory is to imagine plotting points on a standard axis and then draw a curve to fit those points. If you think of the points as data and the curve as the theory that explains those data, it will soon become obvious that there are infinite ways to connect those points or that “the points under-determine the curve”. But as you find more and more data points, many of those other curve possibilities will be proven false. The main point of this argument is that scientists are after what works, not what is true thus arguing against one of the main tenets of realism.

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