The Importance Of The Scientific Method

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The scientific method is not a new process in the classroom by any means. Most students were at least introduced to it at some point in elementary school. Every year it seems to get more and more complex, but the basic steps stay the same. Just like every other year of science, we started the year by discussing the scientific method. This method is so important because it forms a baseline for how all scientific discovery should be done and proved. We started using the scientific method by implementing it during the black box experiment.
The main focus during the black box experiment was on the first step of the scientific method, forming a hypothesis. A hypothesis can be simply defined as an educated guess, but it’s much more complex than that.
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They have to be testable and falsifiable. They also need to be based on observations or facts, not just randomly made. The hypothesis of, “There are no living things in any other universe” is not correct because it can’t be tested. Another incorrect hypothesis would be, “The item in the box is magical and changes shape.” This is not testable or falsifiable because of the word magic.
At the end of the black box experiment, we weren’t allowed to open the box and see once and for all if our hypotheses about the item’s shape or composition were right.
This was based on the theory that we can never be one hundred percent sure about anything in science. We could even see and touch the object, but there could still be a chance that we were wrong about what it is. Nothing is guaranteed.
The black box experiment did a good job of showing us more about the step in the scientific method about hypotheses. We had to form four hypotheses then say if we refuted any of them. It really made us test our hypotheses to the best of our ability with the limitations put on us by the box. Because of the scientific method, every scientist that did the experiment had the same structure to their work. Even though it could be different information, it would be easily interpreted and redone by anyone. This is what makes the scientific method so
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