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Australia is split into different states and territories that have their own government. These territories include the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia. This is important to note because each individual state government manages the schools within its territory (Immi.Gov). They provide both the regulations and funding to both the public and private schools, though the government only provides the public schooling and private schools are offered by Churches and other groups (Immi.Gov).
Some of the biggest differences between our US School system and the Australian system is how the school operates on the inside. Most of the schools throughout Australia enforce either a uniform code or a dress code, and most attendees bring their own lunches to school, although food can be purchased at the canteen - or cafeteria, in our terms (Working-In According to my friend Graham, the in school hours are generally the same as hours, starting at 8 AM and ending at 3 PM. The school term for Australia is also very different from our own. Where the US school duration is nine months, from September through May, the Australian school year is from January through December with four school terms in all (Working-In However, the school system makes up for this through having two and three week breaks periodically, once in April, July, and October. the longest break spans about a month and a half, and occurs during Christmas time (Working-In
Schooling for children can start when they are around three years of age. At this time they can be enrolled in Preschool, though it is not required that children ...

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