Australian Freedom Riders

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In 1964 there was a protest outside the US consulate in Canberra that two thousand people had attended to protest about racial segregation and civil rights in the United States. Many people of the general public stated things such as if protesters are going to so much trouble why not protest about racial segregation within our own country. These comments had lead to the making of our own Australian Freedom Riders which were based on the American Freedom Riders who were making a difference with civil rights and discrimination in America. They travelled across America to raise awareness of the issues when it came to the African-American’s rights and they helped achieve equality. The Australian Freedom Riders helped in achieving freedom for the Indigenous Australians just like the Americans. The Australian Freedom Riders consisted of thirty students that attended the University of Sydney. These students had heard about the American Freedom Riders and it sparked inspiration amongst them to make a difference within the Australian community. The whole idea of their trip was to help get rid of the socially discriminatory barriers which was standing up between indigenous and non-indigenous people, they had planned on bringing attention to the bad state of aboriginal heath, education and housing and finally they also wanted to encourage the aboriginals to stand up for themselves against discrimination. Charles Perkins a man born in Alice Springs and a third year arts student at the University of Sydney said ‘The whole freedom riders idea was not for white people on my mind, it’s for aboriginal people to realise second class isn't good enough, you don't always have to be first class but don't always be second class’ . The trip was planned... ... middle of paper ... ...uburbs would have taken much longer. Works Cited “Freedom Ride, 1965” (Visited May 2014) “Charles Perkins: Freedom Rides” (Visited May 2014) “The 1965 Freedom Ride” (Visited May 2014) “Freedom Ride Bus Tour through Rural NSW” (Visited May 2014) “Commemorating the Freedom Ride” (Visited May 2014) Various Authors (2012) Oxford Big Ideas Australian Curriculum History 10, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, Victoria
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