Essay on School Uniforms Should Be Enforced

Essay on School Uniforms Should Be Enforced

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School Uniforms
School uniforms should be enforced. The school uniform statistics for the Department of Education states that 23% of schools in the country have already enforced uniforms (School Uniform Statistics). School uniforms cause a debate every day on whether they should be forced in schools around the country or not. Schools around the U.S. have already started enforcing uniforms. Uniforms bring a lot of benefits to the communities around the schools that are effected by the uniforms. The benefits uniforms bring are that the students have a better educational environment. Everyone wants their families to go to a school with a great learning environment. The uniforms also save the families that have kids in school money. If uniforms are continued to be enforced, families will save money, parents’ lives will become easier, and it will better the education of students everywhere.
One good help that uniforms bring is that they save families a lot of money. With uniforms you could buy the uniform shirts at Peebles for about fifteen dollars each (Peebles). Whereas, a designer polo shirt would cost you about sixty dollars for just one of their shirts. With that amount parents could buy four shirts from Peebles instead on buying just one shirt from Polo. Families also save money because uniforms never go out of style. Today the trending styles are changing faster than a blink of an eye. With uniforms you use the same style. Families with multiple kids can just pass down clothes without the children complaining.
Also another way uniforms are a good idea is because Uniforms make lives easier. One reason for this is that uniforms save time and eliminate stress. Every morning kids go to bed or wake up wondering what thing they are ...

... middle of paper ...

...nts when they are out of code, uniforms are made to go by the way that they were brought up to be worn as.
An increasing rate from thirteen to nineteen percent shows how uniforms benefit students (Fast Facts). School uniforms should be enforced throughout the country because they would help families save money, make lives easier, and better the education of students everywhere. The families in the community around the school will save money because of cheap clothing, and hand down clothes. Uniforms would make life easier by eliminating stress and helping out with teacher discipline. School uniforms would make the educational environment better by helping the kids focus on their books and making the schools safer, with the addition to helping the administrators out. Enforcing school uniforms would benefit all students and I believe everyone wants that.

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