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Kids use clothes to express the way they feel and making them wear a uniform is taking that away. School uniforms have been around for a long time. Most schools try to enforce the need of uniforms thinking it will help keep their students safer and better educated. Students shouldn’t have to wear uniforms for these three main reasons: some kids use clothes to express themselves and the uniform would take that away from them, uniforms cost a lot of money and some parents can’t afford it for their kids, doesn't really help with education.
Clothes have expression
Most kids use clothes to express themselves and the uniform would be taking that away from them. The schools think making the students wear the uniform will stop peer pressure, fighting, and bullying. This might stop it, but only a little bit. The bullies will find something else to bother or harm the kids about. Like who has the better phone or who has the nicer uniform.
Bullies would make fun of the kids who had to buy a used uniform because the kids didn’t have enough money. This is also where fighting would still be a problem with uniforms in school. The kids with the nicest things will pick on the kids who are less fortunate, and then they will fight about it. Peer pressure might not be as big of problem, but drugs and alcohol still are around, and kids still do them even if they have a uniform on or not.
Uniforms are too expensive
Some uniforms are too expensive for parents to afford so they can’t buy them for there kids. The allentown school district has had 2500 requests for vouchers to offset costs, and only about 60 have been approved. This was just one of the school districts with people in need of money to buy school uniforms for their kids because they're to ...

... middle of paper ... found uniforms to be very useless, and way to expensive to have. This have been in debate for a long time. People should finally stand up and get rid of these useless uniforms.

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