School Is A Good Way For The Teacher Essay

School Is A Good Way For The Teacher Essay

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In my whole life, i used to believe that the segregation system which suggests by school is a good way for the teacher to help students in different level of academic concentratedly, but also restricting the achievement gap in a certain level. However, after listening to the audio of “Mind the Gap: Why Good Schools are Failing Black Students”, I eventually realize and feel very shocked this system could be consider as a a vicious circle which only only strengthening the achievement gap , but also creating a great influence to the mentality of the students. In fact, the segregation system divides the boundary line with different level of academic as well as the race implicitly within a classroom. The smarter children becomes smarter when they are cultivating in a harmony and caring environment with a lots of encouragement, while the others level of student tangles in a knot with the discipline problem that has never been solved in their whole life. And ends up this exacerbates the achievement gap unlimitedly. On the other hand, I felt extremely surprised that even a black student who may gain an opportunity to study in a higher level of learning environment , they still prefer stay with the others black student in a lower level. Because they can not find any sense of belonging in there with lots of white student. It was very grieve that even though we are living in a racially diverse country, with lots of different unique culture and colored of people, the racism and stereotype still exists within our daily life. Moreover, when I connect this case to my past experience, I found not surprised that staying in a lower level classroom made me feel the same experience as the people in the audio. When I was studying in high sc...

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...can help to generate both success and failure. Last but not least, as Ladson-Billings said that, “teachers and teacher educators often rely on catch-all terms, like ‘culture,’ to pathologize poor students and to uncritically explain ‘everything from school failure to problems with behavior’ (Ferri and Connor, 472). Furthermore, even nowadays, race and class status still play significant role to decide the fate and ability of a student, people like blaming the school failures of student by applying the concept with the stereotype and inequality implicitly. Without any question, in this civilization, we still cannot deny that some of the people may exercise with inequities based on the classes well as the race of the others, yet, we should acknowledge that those uncivil and traditional ideology can actually lead to the widening of opportunity gaps and academic gaps.

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