Schneider and Lester on Social Policy Essay

Schneider and Lester on Social Policy Essay

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Question 1. According to Schneider and Lester what are the key dimensions of advocacy? In your own words describe each and discuss the one that you feel is most important.
According to Schneider and Lester there are eleven key dimensions of advocacy. The first dimension is pleading or speaking on the behalf of (Schneider & Lester, 2001). Basically, taking a stance and speaking out on the behalf of the client or oneself. The second dimension is representing another (Schneider & Lester, 2001), taking stance and speaking out to for the client or oneself in front of various individuals in authority (Schneider & Lester, 2001). The third dimension is taking action (Schneider & Lester, 2001). Advocacy efforts are typically related to doing something, to incite change, which means that action has to be taken. Advocates cannot sit back and do nothing and expect that the issues would change. The forth dimension of advocacy is promoting change (Schneider & Lester, 2001). Every advocates’ goal is to see change not just for themselves or their client, but to make a change for the greater community or society at large. They want to ensure that others with similar issues have a new precedence set and would be treated fairly. The fifth dimension of advocacy is accessing rights and benefits (Schneider & Lester, 2001), making sure that those that are in need of benefits, services, and certain entitlements have access to those resources.
The sixth dimension of advocacy is serving as a partisan (Schneider & Lester, 2001); taking a stand or supporting those whose rights have violated. The seventh dimension of advocacy is demonstrating influence and political skills (Schneider & Lester, 2001). This is boils down to the fact that advo...

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...udents' perspectives on social work goals and social activism before and after completing graduate education. Journal of Social Work Education, 49(4), 580-600. doi: 10.1080/10437797.2013.812504

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