Social Change In Social Work

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A) Social workers “promote social change...the empowerment and liberation of people” (International federation Of Social Workers 2014, para 1);
To promote social change is at the core of what it means to be a social worker. Change is necessary to achieve growth. Historically there have been uprisings and movements that have called for change that is much needed to a broken system. As a social worker our existence and purpose is to move, to rise up and not only be the change that is needed but to also start the conversations and see it to its end. It is important to build up those who have been put down and to give a voice to those whose voices have gone unheard or ignored. This passage means to not sit ideally by as communities remain suppressed,
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The work of a social worker is complex and all encompassing. Social workers work in many capacities seeking justice, liberation, and equality. There work is global, as they work to put policies in place to govern practices. To keep up with societal shifts and generational changes there learning is continuous. As new questions rise so does the need for the continuation of research, not only to answer these questions but to implement into…show more content…
Most of my fear and hesitation comes from the reactions I get from my family about the profession and their interpretation of what a Social Worker is and does. I know that the tasks that lies ahead of me is many and honestly at times I feel a bit overwhelmed. What helped me to manage this is the realization that although social work is a broad field there is specializations within it and my only obligation is to master my own branch and not the entire field. I am now aware that I need to work on expressing my emotions, maybe through therapy or peers supervisions since I tend to internalize my emotions. I

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