Saudi Arabian and Canadian Culture Essay

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I will talk about a topic in the social sciences and the theme that I have chosen from the curriculum goal is: “define the concept of culture and provide examples of how culture, gender roles and family relation varies from place to place and how it change over time". I will have Saudi Arabia and Canada as the focus.
I am going to start by define what Culture means, introduce the countries and talk about the Points in my curriculum goal.
About culture
The concept culture have some difficult meanings. One of them is culture as in music, preforming, theatre and so. The other meaning of it is culture as in Peoples Identity. It tells something about who you are, where you come from, and what you believe in, in this way, we can see that People have different culture and its all about where you live and where you have been raised.
(As we can see in the Picture here, it is People with difficult clothes and difficult marks, some of them have marks on their face for example. these little details shows us an Insight about where they come from and what they believe in.)
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East and it is the biggest country in the Arabian Peninsula. Riyadh is the capital of Saudi and the language that they use is Arabic. The population there is around 29,2 millions, so it’s a huge country with many People. There is almost desert areas and the weather there is very hot and dry.
The culture
The Saudi Arabia is a country with a huge culture and with many traditions. The culture is mostly influenced by their religion that is Islam. An example is that the women there is not allowed to drive a car, they can only got delivered by a family member or a driver. This Law is being used because of the holy Mekka Al-mukara...

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...mily consist of: mother, father and children but now same-sex marriage in Canada have grown. Between 2006 and 2011, gay marriage nearly tripled. There were nearly 21,000 gay and lesbian marriages in 2011, but in 2006 there were 43,500. This is a huge increase. The male in the house is in the same line as the female. Everyone have their special values. They do the jobs that are suposed to be done by the opposite gender. The children’s are free and they can choose if they want to be like mom or dad.
To the end I will recommend a movie for the ones that are interested in Culture, gender roles and so. I have seen a movie called “The green bike”. The movie is made in Saudi Arabia by Haifaa Al Mansour and its about a girl who wants a bike to play with her friend, but she is a girl, and girls is not allowed to ride bicycles. I will now show you a bit of the trailer.

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