The Canadian Culture

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Culture can be defined as the behaviours and belief characteristics of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. Every country has its own special way of life. Canada’s in particular can be considered unique because Canada is a cultural mosaic, which allows elements of many cultures to be integrated into one. Canada’s culture has many influences because the numerous people who immigrate here are encouraged to keep their culture. These immigrants also teach the people they meet when they move here about their own ways of life. Canada has a culture that is made up of many because of all the immigration, and openness to culture that the country possesses. At different times throughout history, people have immigrated here and left their mark on Canada. One of the first times culture is evident in Canada, the culture is being mixed. Before Canada was even its own country, it was starting to develop its identity. There were many European colonies, British and French being dominant. Since natives were already here, they taught European colonists about their traditions, and how to survive in Canada. In return, the colonists shared their own way of life with the natives. Each group learned from the other and passed down their mixed cultures to new generations. In the 1840s, the Great Famine in Ireland left many without money or food. Around 300,000 immigrants came, mostly settling along the east coast. The Irish culture is present, as you can hear it in the voices of many people living there. Presently, the Asian population has increased. This is evident in the changes in the food we eat. Recently, ethnic food has become more popular as more and more immigrants come an... ... middle of paper ... ...Immigration to Canada has always been a leading factor in culture because the country accepts culture, and encourages those who immigrate to Canada to keep their culture and share it. Many people have come to Canada in search of a better life, and with them they bring traditions passed down through generations. Canada’s culture is mosaic-like in the sense that so many cultures are able to mesh together, and be integrated in all areas of Canada. Works Cited

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