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Stereotype is a belief, judgment, or idea based on a generalization, and mostly it is unfair or untrue. People can be stereotyped based on their ethnicity, appearance, and gender. Brent Staples, the author of “Black Men and Public Space,” wrote about his experience and how he was inaccurately stereotyped as a criminal because he is a young black man. Some stereotypes could be true, but it is not fair to generalize it. I have had a similar experience to Staples because I am from Saudi Arabia. I have got picked on twice in airports and got locked in a room for three hours, and dogs were involved for nothing. I believe everyone has had an unfair experience with stereotypes, and it is normal. I have been incorrectly stereotyped in many aspects.

People from Saudi Arabia are been stereotyped in many wrong and unfair ways. Many think that Saudis are primitives who live in tents and ride camels to work or school. I was once asked if I have ever lived in a tent or rode a camel. It is true that people from my country lived in tents, but that was more than hundred years ago. I have never lived in a tent or rode a camel. In fact, I am a good driver, and we have cars everywhere. Another stereotype that I faced is all Saudi males are womanizers, and they marry four women. My first American friend asked me if my father, grandfather, or uncles are married to four and if I was going to do the same. My answer was no and all people I know in my life are married to one woman only including my family members. It exists and it is allowed to marry four women but it is rarely done and mostly wealthy people do it. People always assume that I am unsupportive for women just because I am from Saudi. Women rights is a major issue in Saudi Arabia and the gove...

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...y immature things outdoors. When my meet my parents’ friends they always make jokes about how irresponsible are people my age. I get so annoyed because it is not true for every young person. The media ruined the image of young people it made us look like fools who are careless. This stereotype is cruel and I hope that nobody believes it.

Stereotypes are everywhere so is stereotypical people. It is not nice at all, and it can hurt many people. Staples was hurt because he was mistaken of being a criminal. I am personally hurt too because I was mistaken of being a terrorist in an airport, and I cannot even hold a gun without panicking. Unfortunately, nobody can stop any stereotypical person. However, educated and open-minded people mostly understand. After all, everyone judge or stereotype others but they should not believe what they think unless they know it is true.

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