Safety Of A Post 9 / 11 World Essay

Safety Of A Post 9 / 11 World Essay

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What is safety in a post 9/11 world? After experiencing the dreadful attacks, it is hard to assume there are no potential threats waiting for America at the end of the street. There is no angle to which one can be safe, especially in a generation relying on technology. With that being said, America has gained more vulnerability in the past fifteen years as we steadily allow technology to grow. In creating a meaning behind safety, we must first consider the limitations to which we are unsafe and what we can be exposed to in a world filled with technology that can be monitored by the government and taken over by terrorists and even hacked by ordinary people.
The faster technology grows, the more vulnerable we are to terroristic threats. Safety is a matter of how often one looks over his or her shoulder; however, no one always wants to watch his or her backs. One may have “clever” passwords for personal accounts as ordinary people, but imagine the complexity of attempting to hack an incorporation like Yahoo, which was breached in 2014. This information was released on September 23, 2016, magnifying the question: what took so long to tell the public? The hacker had access, not only to the site, but to everyone’s information that used it: “The internet company said Thursday that hackers penetrated its network in late 2014 and stole personal data on more than 500 million users” (McMillan). This proves there is not much one can do to secure ourselves, especially if the hackers are targeting the corporation, rather than single accounts. Even Yahoo can’t build a wall big enough to block hackers, and how do they know if the hackers are still lingering with access to the public’s personal information? The internet company said it ‘believes’...

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...augment it? Spending so much money isn’t for security, it’s to have comfort in a world of terrorism. If the government takes money out specifically for the security of the data they are collecting, it gives the citizens a bit of ease that their information is safe in the government’s hands.
Having home security will not prevent someone breaking into your home and locking your car doors in a bad part of town will not prevent someone smashing your window. With that being said, having security and taking precautions might scare a terrorist away, but it will not prevent a skillful hacker. Citizens feel safer having security and having the passwords, and will even spend money for security. Being a loyal customer to McAfee, one is still not in the safe zone as there are barriers that can be broken. The only way to be safe of hackers and data collection is to not be human.

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