Was the war in Afghanistan Effective

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727 words

I agree with the scholar’s theories because it is based on the fact that certain wars do not bring freedom and liberty for the humanity. A good example is the war in Vietnam. The domino theory of Eisenhower messed up a nation. Wrong Analogy created a huge problem for the United States. The US could not get out of the zone because if they did, the whole world would see the failure. The US would look beneath Russia. The war in Afghanistan was a mistake because of several reasons: 1) it is true that the September 11 attack occurred from Afghanistan, but no clear evidence show that Osama has been part the one behind it. The Taliban argued the same thing. They said that if the US can prove it was Osama behind the September 11 attack, they would turn him over. The United States wanted Osama before 9/11, so why Afghanistan, a country that was already in war with Great Britain and Russia for several Decades, should be the target? 2) George Bush did not consider the ethical and moral aspect of his decision. He put the nation into more debt and took people’s lives. Was it worth increasing taxation to increase the number of deaths of civilians and soldiers; because that was the outcome of his decision? The Taliban wanted to hand over Osama to them but the United States did not cooperate with them. The United States violated the United Nations Security Council Charter and on top of that, ruined millions of lives of combatant and civilians. In order to be better than Russia in terms of power, wealth, and strength, the US created a tension between Russia and United States for Afghanistan. At first, the Afghans had to fight one nation. Now, they have to choose to side one of them- either Russia to follow communism, or United States to follow lib... ... middle of paper ... ...Knowledge/US_met_taliban.htm). 7. “Bush Rejects Taliban Offer to Hand Bin Laden Over,” Guardian, October 14, 2001 ( 8. Sheryl Gay Stolberg, “Obama Defends Strategy in Afghanistan,” New York Times, August 18, 2009 ( 9. George Arney, “U.S. ‘Planned Attack on Taleban,’” BBC News, September 18, 2001 ( 10. Seymour M. Hersh, “What Went Wrong: The C.I.A. and the Failure of American Intelligence,” New Yorker, October 1, 2001 ( 11. Tolo News, Afghan Media. "Six Candidates Looks to Join Leading Teams." RSS. Tolo TV, 1 Jan. 2013. Web. 28 Apr. 2014.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the domino theory of eisenhower messed up a nation, and that george bush did not consider the ethical and moral aspect of his decision.
  • Opines that a politician should consider the ethical, moral, and rights of humanity when making an important decision that affects humanity.
  • Explains that president obama is saying that the war is a necessity, but now, the us is interfering with the culture and beliefs of afghan people.
  • Explains that literacy rate has a huge connection with morals and ethics. before the decades of war in afghanistan, many afghans were educated.
  • Cites jeffrey t. kuhner, "obama’s vietnam?" washington times, and marjorie cohn, “bombing of afghanistan is illegal and must be stopped.”
  • Opines that 9/11 justifies the war in afghanistan. global research, 19 may 2013.
  • Analyzes how ottaway and stephens met with taliban on bin laden, and how bush rejected the taliban's offer to hand him over.
  • Analyzes george arney's "u.s. ‘planned attack on taleban,’" bbc news, september 18, 2001.
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