War on Terror

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War on Terror On September 11, 2001, our country was hit with enormous devastation, just after eight o’clock a.m. the first of the twin towers was struck by a suicide pilot, the second was struck slightly later. The towers fell just after ten o’clock a.m., devastating the entire country, and ruining the lives of many. A plane also hit the Pentagon in Washington D.C., and another in rural Pennsylvania causing just as much grief. The U.S. is still in mourning, but standing tall, more Americans showed their American pride in the following months than ever before. In the months to come the only thing that was on the minds of millions was: Should we go to war? War is necessary for the survival of our country. Going to war with Iraq is a fight against terrorism. Many people believed that going to war with Iraq is unjust. Some believe that there are other ways in looking at the situation. The war of September 11, 2001, is war justified? In the case of self-defense, it can be. This was not an act of war, but of terrorism. There were no massed armies at United States doors open ready to take over. The plane bombing of three buildings resulted in many deaths and much monitory hardship. This is not a border confrontation, nor an invasion trying to take over. The body of United States was not in threat of losing life or limb. It was just hit with a well planned attack to wake it up and make it smell the coffee. The resulting bombs and missile attacks in Afghanistan are not justified at all, as people there are dying too. The people dying were not threatening United States with guns drawn. There are a handful of people who are responsible for the attack on United States. It would be warranted to kill those people, if they were actively ca... ... middle of paper ... ...til such a time that they can regroup and reorganize becoming potential more dangerous than ever. In order to prevent another tragedy such as 9/11, I think we should take some action. For examples, securing our borders by whatever means necessary, prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law foreigners who attempt to enter our country illegally, executing with extreme prejudice known terrorists, traitors and their collaborators, training and arming all airline pilots and cockpit crew members, enforcing the immigration laws already on the books instead of dreaming up new repressive measures designed to inconvenience and further terrorize the American people, start planning and building a national civil-defense infrastructure – not just for government officials but for the American people, and encourage Americans to protect themselves and to prepare for emergencies.

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