Essay on The 's Ecological Systems Theory

Essay on The 's Ecological Systems Theory

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The term environment extends beyond the collection of different variables—climate, area, terrain fragmentation, the stability of food supply, etc.; it is a compilation of activities performed by numerous households, communities, and societies before us. Men intervene with environmental systems constantly, and although one’s action may not seemingly have an effect directly, still individual actions matter, as they combine with performance of other people and are amplified by technology. Urie Bronfenbrenner, developmental psychologist and co-founder of the Head Start Program1, who believed that a persons development is affected by everything in his surrounding environment, in his Ecological Systems Theory emphasized that the microsystem or the primary social circle influences individuals the most. Therefore, the degree of environmental awareness as well (or lack of it) originates primarily from ones primary social circle, such as family, friends and peers. Today, scientists are urging us to become more environmentally conscientious, however, habits change slowly. Stepping outside ones comfort zone is not something majority of people would choose (right away) and there has to be a major incentive to do so. My profound interest in attitudes societies hold regarding the environment as well as my enthusiasm for environmental advocacy laid the foundation for proposing the Individualized Major in Environment and Society.
An interdisciplinary program presented is an investigation of the relationship between societies of today and the environment they/we live in. In my focus particularly are societies of the Westernized parts of the world. Their activities within, attitudes towards, values regarding and comprehensiveness of the complexity ...

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...ith people.
In conclusion, I would like to utter that in 2012 I moved from Eastern Europe to United States and not just I left my comfort zone, but also my perspective on subject matter changed. In the century, when the ice-cap is melting at the extreme rate, when industrial agriculture negatively impacts public health, and when the oceanic gyres of debris also known as trash vortexes are increasing in their size, affecting many animal species, and affecting our food supply chain (and these are just a few environmental problems that are threatening our existence) it is time to be stepping out of an individual comfort zone, become mindful of our own actions, and be concerned about what we are to leave for our future generations. The habits need to be changed, and the major in Environment and Society will help me to encourage other people to make the necessary changes.

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