The Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory Of Human Development

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Human development issues have remained critical in understanding how and why people behave the way they do. Several human development theories exist to explain human development from birth through to death. Some of these have focused on the psychological aspects of human development while others on the cognitive aspect (Piaget, 1971; Lerner, 2001; Swick and Williams, 2006). Other human development theories have also focused on the social and environmental aspects (Bronfenbrenner & Bronfenbrenner, 2009; Swick, 2004). This current essay examines one of the major social theories relating to child development. The theory to be examined is the Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory of human development. The essay will further examine the applicability of the Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory to my personal development, growing up as a child between the ages of 4 years and 12 years. In the first instance, the essay will focus on explaining the – Bronfenbrenner’s theory including the four types of systems described by the theory. Subsequently, the essay will examine how these systems apply to my life in relation to the social systems in which I grew in South Sudan in Africa. It will be seen that the Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory…show more content…
I was born in South Sudan in an area called Aweng. I was the first child in a family of nine children. I grew up in the same place, Aweng, a large village. As a young boy, I grew up in a very large family which involved other relatives, uncles, cousins and aunties also family friends. My father became the Chief of my village when I was age 6 and my mother remained a housewife. I stated school in this village together with my other siblings until we were all displaced by the civil war that occurred in Sudan. The subsequent discussions will relate with how each system within the theory apply to my
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