Ryanair Participates in Environmental Reporting Essay

Ryanair Participates in Environmental Reporting Essay

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The following report is based on Ryanair’s environmental reporting. From my research online about airlines, I found that Ryanair are Europe’s greenest airline. I was surprised by this statement as usually you hear mainly negative publicity about Ryanair. When I researched how they were Europe’s greenest airline, I was pleasantly surprised by my findings. They have replaced a whole fleet of aircrafts which minimises CO2 emissions and reduces fuel consumption. I also found that their waste pollutions was also minimised a substantial amount compared to other airlines and that their noise pollution was at a minimal and how they try and use rural airports to do this. This is a clear indicator of how green Ryanair are. The question I asked myself is does Ryanair participate in Environmental reporting? Findings from my research indicate they do in fact. From the Annual report in 2006, it is quite clear Ryanair do participate in Environmental reporting.

The CERES Principles are as follows:
1. Risk reduction;
Ryanair have Invested seventeen billion euro on its fleet replacement and expansion programme. The move from the Boeing aircraft 737200 to the 737800 next generations reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre by 45 per cent. Ryanair currently operate the youngest most fuel efficient aircraft fleet of one hundred and sixty six Boeing aircrafts, at an average age of two and a half years compared to the world average of eleven years. Future plans provide for acquisition of a future one hundred and forty brand new aircrafts. From Ryanair’s initiatives and substantial investment in new aircrafts has led them to an overall reduction in fuel consumption and emissions of over f...

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...ut their reports, they explain how this is possible. They have replaced all of their aircrafts with new ones that produce 50% less emissions into the air which is significant. Their waste pollution is at a minimal as they don’t give out free newspapers or food on board, which cuts out on substantial waste that traditional airlines have and they also have implemented operations that agree with local noise pollution regulations. Although Ryanair have a bad reputation, I think they should be given more positive publicity for being Europe’s greenest airline. Overall, I think Ryanair are doing great for the environment whether it be there waste management or it be the reduced emissions on the new aircrafts. I think the other airlines should be looking to Ryanair for some environmental tips.

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