Yeo Valley Case Study

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Yeo Valley – France The following section will look at how Yeo Valley will enter the French dairy market. The section will show the rationale for choosing France, the external factors that Yeo Valley must consider when entering a this market and how they are going to differentiate themselves from their competitors in the French market. Firstly, France is geographically close to the UK with direct routes to many French airports from many UK airports. Along with this there is only one hour time difference between the two countries. It is a large, open and diverse market which contains the headquarters of large related companies to Yeo valley like Danone and Carrefour. One of the main attractions is that France is one of the world’s most popular…show more content…
This area will look at advantages and disadvantages of Yeo Valley exporting from the UK to France. Political and Legal factors: Research by authors such as Shorter & Tilly (1974) and Hibbs (1978) show that the french political systems suffers from many strikes by different industries annually. Many occuring in areas such as travel which may affect the delivery of Yeo Valley’s products if further strikes occur in the future. Societal overview: This area will focus on the business behaviours, language differences, religion etc. French business stresses courtesy and a fair degree of conventionalism. Business is conducted slowly. You will have to be tolerant and not appear upset by the strict devotion to protocol. If Yeo Valley do not have french speakers, an apology for not. High-pressure sales tactics should be avoided. The French are more receptive to a unglamorous, rational presentation that explains the advantages of a proposal in full (Kwintessential,…show more content…
Through the combined use of regulations, economic instruments, planning procedures and voluntary actions, environmental policy is, on the whole, both effective and well balanced. Now we will look at water and air management in France (OECD, 2005) France has abundant water resources and a wide variety of aquatic ecosystems of high ecological quality. Groundwater is being affected by intensive livestock and the use of fertilisers and pesticides (OECD, 2005). This might be useful if Yeo Valley plan to produce out of France in the future. Significant progress has been made concerning emissions of the main pollutants as well as of CO2, and France has met its international commitments. All these emissions are among the lowest in the OECD both per unit of GDP and per capita (OECD, 2005). Reductions have been achieved in all economic sectors except transport. This progress is the result of structural changes in the economy, improved energy efficiency, the use of nuclear power to generate electricity and the implementation of environmental policies that generally combine pollution control regulations (OECD,

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