Essay about Russia, Ukraine & the World: Current Events

Essay about Russia, Ukraine & the World: Current Events

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International politics as one may imagine includes foreign affairs. This is why the topic and focus of this paper revolves around the current event within Eastern Europe. It will focus on both Russia, Ukraine, and the world, and from it, it will be analyzed by using the resources provided within class. After all it is a International Politics course, and one of the best ways to effectively put the skills and knowledge to use is to focus on an event or current event. The paper will attempt to go over in a chronological order of the events that has happened, and what is happening currently over in Ukraine. Afterwards, an analyzed input will be implemented providing reasoning behind Russia's actions, and actions of the world, and potentially some solutions.
To begin with, it is very important to bring up media bias and the news representations of war. As some may know, "during times of war when the government puts pressure on the media to support its pro-war stance and help to mobilize public support in their readers, viewers, and listeners. (Edkins, Zehfuss 157, 158). This phrase is essentially explaining that the news media many of the times will present a biased opinion for their government during times of war, but in this case an escalated crisis within Ukraine, where the actions and risks are still being considered by all countries. Why this is important to bring up, is because this paper may contain several news articles sources from such countries that may present a biased opinion against Ukraine and Russia. However, this will not necessarily sway the momentum of the paper to provide an anti-Russian perspective. That is not the point of the paper. It is still very possible for the media to argue against the media bias of the...

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...h case the government will be more inclined to respond to it because of this (Robinson 1-2). With Crimea now part of Russia, perhaps the people of Ukraine can have some self-determined actions.

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