Causes Of The Chechen-Russian Conflict

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The Chechen-Russian conflict has spanned a great deal of years. With both sides losing a great deal of casualties. The escalation of events has had many repercussions and impacts on not only on the domestic Russian community, but also on the international community as a whole. This essay will argue that the reasons for both the first and second Chechen war are intertwined in that the whole conflict has turned into a so far unwinnable game of cat and mouse between Russia and Chechnya. While the reasons for the first conflict obviously catalyzed and opened the way for the second conflict, both of the wars can be seen in the same light in that they stemmed from the same origins, including resentment of legitimacy, incompetent political leadership, and extreme conditions in Chechnya. I will additionally consider alternative explanations, such as the rise of radical Islam in post 1996 Chechnya and how it led to and exacerbated the causes of the second war to differ from the first. It is impossible to explain the causes of the first Chechen war before taking into account the context of the relationship between these two quasi nations. What is important to understand is that Russian-Chechen relations date back to the 1790’s, when Czars were using force to push back the south area between the Black and Caspian seas. During this endeavor, the Russian encountered war like people that resided in the Caucasus Mountains. In resisting the Russian invaders, the Chechens found something to rally under. It is vital to note that prior to this, the Chechen people did not exist as a single type of nationality; they were a different number of clans, religious groups, etc that came together in a tradition of resistance that is still going on over 200... ... middle of paper ... be concluded that while both wars in Chechnya came about in different ways, the causes were more or less the same in both conflicts; prior history between the two peoples, incompetent political and economic leadership and unrealistic desires of independence on the part of Chechens caused these conflicts to escalate. Although time has passed between the start of the first Chechen war, violence still continues to plague the region. Until both sides can see past there bloody history and come to a compromise, it is very likely that the toll will grow on both sides. When Chechnya declared its independence, Russia was at one of its weakest points in history. Now that Russia has regained its strength, it will not let go of Chechnya anymore than Chechnya wants independence. It unfortunately seems that this situation will become more and more like an extended civil war.

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