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Romans : The Book Of Romans Essay

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Romans: The book of Romans is an epistle written by the Apostle Paul to the church in Rome approximately 56-57 A.D. which consisted of both Jewish and mostly Gentile believers, and is estimated to have consisted of five large households than a modern understanding of a congregation Paul, writing from Corinth during his third missionary journey, wrote to the Roman congregation, whom he had not yet met, to encourage them in their faith. The book of Romans has long been considered by the church as one of the most prolific expositions on the Gospel. Major events in the book of Romans include Paul proclamation of his Apostleship of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the wrath of God against the guilt of both Jews and Gentiles, salvation by the grace of God through Jesus Christ alone, Paul notes the guilt of the Gentiles who did not have the Law of Moses, through natural revelation and their God-given morality as the bases for their guilt in disobeying God. The Jews were given the Law of Moses, explicit instructions in godly conduct and understanding, however, even with the Law, the Jews were unable to walk righteous before God, and would therefore be condemned by the Law. Therefore, no one was righteous before God. But God sent Jesus Christ to fulfill the Law of Moses and as a propitiation for sins, thereby becoming Savior to both Jews first, and then the Gentiles.

Apostle Paul: Also known by his Jewish name, Saul, but mostly by his Greek name Paul, Paul was born to parents of the tribe of Benjamin. Paul was born approximately 1-10 A.D. in Tarshis of Cilcia as a Roman citizen by birth (Hindson & Towns 2015, Holeman QuickSoure Bible Atlas 2005). Growing up Paul received his education in Jerusalem under that famous Rabbidical scholar Gamaliel...

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...e international highway, and easier traveling (Holeman QuickSearch Bible 2005). Due to its northern location, ownership of the land of Galilee was often in conflict, therefore giving the area a heavy Gentile culture during the incarnation of Christ, hence why the Pharisee rejected the notion of Christ as a prophet to have come from Galilee John 7:40-52 (although Jonah the prophet had also come from Galilee). Upper Galilee is located north of lower Galilee near Lebanon and has a higher elevation, giving it more rainfall, thus making it easier to grow crops, and in the Old Testament, symbolically linked to Lebanon and fertility. The elevation does make housing settlement more difficult however, and it is comparatively more sparse than Lower Galilee. Jesus likely visitited this region when He traveled from the See of Galilee to Phoenicia (Holeman QuickSearch Bible 2005)

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