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Rome was known for many things, one of the biggest things that they are very skilled in, is warfare. Romans were very skilled in this area, they were known to have great fighting techniques. They would hardly ever lose a war. They were very smart during battle. One of the techniques that they used was that they would fight on higher grounds against their enemies in order to have a height advantage. Of course, they would only do this when the battle was in their territory. Another great technique that they had was making sure that the sun was behind them and that the wind was also behind them. How smart is that? They used many other ways to confuse the enemy. Rome was in a lot of wars.
One of Rome’s 1st wars was In Allia. This war was also known as the Battle of Allia. This war occurred in 390 B.C. The commanders of Allia was Gauls, also known as (Brennus). Allia didn’t have a great military. It is speculated that the Romans were fighting for a small territory of land. Rome had barely started their Empire. They didn’t have such a great military at the time. Most of their warriors were very inexperienced, but some of them were also great leaders (Cornelius). In result of this, the winners were the people of Allia. Rome had been defeated in a small battle. This loss didn’t have many bad results.
Romans have fought many battles, another one of them is The Battle of Capua. This war was having place in 212 B.C. Capua wasn’t a very great military region. Capua was a place where it is now Southern Italy. This place is not that far from one of Italy’s great cities, Naples. The battle was between Hannibal and two great generals. These generals were Quintus Fulvius Flaccus and Appius Claudius Pulcher. The people of Carthage were up agains...

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