Roles, Responsibilities And Boundaries As A Teacher Essay

Roles, Responsibilities And Boundaries As A Teacher Essay

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Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher

I am an advocate for lifelong learning and find that adult learners are becoming a forgotten sect within this modern society of ours. There are constant deliberations to cut funding within the further education sector, which I believe will created greater barrier and will actually deter individuals from taking that all important next step. I believe that education is important in all areas of society and without its implementation society will continue to deteriorate. I believe knowledge is power and that the more you get to know the more you should question. As a teacher I would like to encourage my own students to begin thinking like that.

According to Gravels (2012) the role of a teacher includes having a number of roles and responsibilities, simply put, wearing many hats and being able to utilize the function of these hats across the teaching and learning cycle. This also involves complete focus on my responsibilities and boundaries within teaching as a profession, or code of practice (conduct) to my learners and colleagues (DfE, 2011). Most importantly are the five cycles for teaching and learning, which are: identifying, planning, facilitating, assessing and evaluating. Within these cycles I will have many roles as a teacher, some of which will enable me to identify my learners’ needs; to plan and design both course and materials; to deliver effective lessons; to assess learning using various method and techniques; and to reflectively evaluate both learning and my own teaching. Some of these roles will include being an assessor, reviewer; sign-poster, planner, designer, reviewer, scheduler, organiser, researcher, teacher, tutor, facilitator, coach, instructor, lec...

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...f short courses which are subject related to improve my own knowledge of the subject area I want to specialise in, as well as acquiring further knowledge on how to present and deliver a course and individual lessons to my learners. Pettis (2002) also recommends, constant reflection as a means of developing our professional competencies focusing on principles knowledge and skills. She reiterates that the one without the other is quite limiting, therefore balance must be maintained. I must also be able to adapt to my changing needs, that is initially I did not know what to teach but my needs have changed in relation to the knowledge that I have gained, so now I need to know more about how to teach and why.

I have been in education for over 25 years as a learner and as a tutor. During my classroom experiences the roles and responsibilities have been prominent.

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