The Importance Of Independent Learning

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The development of learning skills is needed to succeed in school. Independent learning is frequently related with other approaches to learning such as student-centered learning. The gradual release of responsibility strategy is a successful way for moving classroom instruction from teacher-centered to student-centered collaboration and independent practice. While students have full responsibility for outcome, teachers provide feedback, evaluate, and determine level of understanding. Teacher must reflect how well students evaluate, assess, and modify plans to complete tasks and meet goals; accepts responsibility for own behaviour; follow classroom instructions without supervision. When students are independent, they use the information provided…show more content…
I should establish goals, purpose, and interactive instruction when working with students. I should be able to clarify confusion and provide differentiated tasks for students in my future teaching practices. As a teacher, I would offer models of behaviour; for instance, presenting students that creating an anchor chart helps to remember the course materials. Teachers should respond flexibly to students’ response and encourage students to self-monitor. I believe that it is essential to adapt independent learning skills in my future classroom since independent learning help students to improve their academic performances, increase motivation, confidence, and self-assessment…show more content…
Educators should help students to collaborate with their families and the community to improve their learning skills. In my future teaching practices, I would check if there are any bias in the teaching materials and the language used in a class, reflect the diverse backgrounds of the students, plan instructional activities at the beginning of class to boost students’ morale, self-esteem, and readiness to learn, and prepare a differentiated instruction to meet the individual needs of students according to their needs. I would develop a nurturing, supportive, non-competitive environment where everybody is the leader in the classroom. I would guide grouping of students for instruction and I believe that the best strategy to use is to group students in mixed
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