The Role Of Self, Obligation And How Much Is Too Much? Essay

The Role Of Self, Obligation And How Much Is Too Much? Essay

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The Role of Self, Obligation and How Much is too Much?
Immigration has been a hot topic recently in the media with the Syrian refugees. Especially with Donald Trump’s candid, yet outrageous views on Muslim immigration to the United States. Immigration is the movement of persons from their native country to another for any particular reason. Why do you think immigration is such a controversial topic in society? Is it because we do not like to accept different cultures and their way of life? Alternatively, is it because we would rather help our own country deal with our own domestic issues without factoring in others’ as well? Is it because some of us do not want to deal with the extra competition for jobs, resources, education, etc. Whatever the reason may be immigration is still a sensitive subject and issue today as it was when countries were just beginning to form. But from the immigrant’s point of view, how does one deal with their new surroundings as well as remembering their roots? In The Belly of the Atlantic, while the main character juggles her identity in a new country as well as her connections and ties to her homeland, author, Fatou Diome, conveys to the audience that family should be one’s first priority over oneself in order to be content and fulfilled; however, I think that it should not overpower the own person’s own identity in which there should be an equilibrium balance.
Fatou Diome does an amazing job at displaying the struggles that the main character, Salie, from Senegal faces as she migrates to France. From birth, Salie was immediately ostracized from her community because she was born out of wedlock, which is considered to be an extreme taboo. She even recalls the story of how a baby born out of wedlock w...

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...t is shown up almost as clearly. Not just immigrants, but also anyone can be saddled with the full responsibility of having to take care of their family for whatever the circumstance. Or maybe we are just taught that we must always put others before ourselves. But how much is too much? How long until that person finally cracks under pressure and stress? They are buried underneath everyone else’s problems that they do not even cater to themselves. This can go on for so long where they barely even have an identity anymore. Sometimes even making ourselves our first priority is not a bad thing from time to time. There needs to be balance in order to be complete; serving others while we serve ourselves. This way everyone gets the help and support that we all need in life. The next question is, how do we move forward with this in mind, how can we get this to be universal?

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