The American Dream In Americ To Be An American

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To be an American has a big picture that can be described in many ways. Personally, to be an American is to achieve everything; however, the person next to may have a different opinion about it. History, America has been attracting immigrants from different parts of the world to live the full freedom and opportunity. To be an American means much more than living in the United States is to be able to expand the beliefs ones have. That is why people view the American Dream. The American Dream is an idea on were a perfect freedom is given to all people no matter social group or race. Many people have a definition of their mind on what is an American Dream. American are viewed as a person who can do the unlimited things. People freedoms and discoveries…show more content…
An example of literature to have the opportunity to move on is What is an American? by Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeur. In this text, it talks about the difference of the new land and Europe land. That in their new land, there opportunity for employment. In the new land they are free from their oppression and leave behind the old life. Crevecoeur reveals, “Here they are become men; in Europe they were as so many useless plants” (Crevecoeur 291). Thus, here in the new land, they view as useful not as in their home where they were viewed as useless. This tells that to be an American is to look for one 's happiness. Here they have the opportunity to grow. In this new land, they learn to grow and become better than yesterday. As Crevecoeur states, “The American is a new man, who acts upon new principles; he must; therefore, entertain new ideas, and form new opinions” (Crevecoeur 290). Moreover, he is referring to all people who come here are diverse. When it uses “new man” it means to be more than they were. To be able to see more than before. To move on they have to have an open mind to progress. This show how to be an American is more in living there, but to move on and adapt the new environment. To be an American is to be able to leave everything behind and form a new way of life also a new way to view…show more content…
There two literatures explains the importance to be an American. Ambush by Tim O’Brien and Why soldiers won 't talk by John Steinbeck. They both have a personal experience in war. The authors explain the decisions they made that can hunt them at night. Although they both experience war their point view is completely different. In Why soldiers won 't talk by John Steinbeck wants the reader to understand the hardships and difficult living conditions the soldiers are living in. Also to feel the emotion and physical pain the soldiers are feeling. In “Why soldiers won 't talk” John Steinbeck shows us that painful and vivid word of the war. Steinbeck states, “Under extended bombardment or bombing the nerve ends are literally beaten. The eardrums are tortured by blast and the eyes ache from the constant hammering. This is how you feel after a few days of constant firing. Your skin feels thick and insensitive. There is a salty taste in your mouth. A hard, painful knot is in your stomach where the food is undigested. Your eyes do not pick up much detail and the sharp outlines of objects are slightly blurred. Everything looks a little unreal” (Steinbeck 1172). To be an American had to experience hardships and horrors. When Steinbeck uses “skin feels thick” is an immigrey that he wants to point out to the reader to understand the feeling and the emotion in those moment. This tells one hide message to
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