The Role Of Parents Have On Children 's Life Essay

The Role Of Parents Have On Children 's Life Essay

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"No love is greater than mom 's love, no care is greater than dad 's care." - Unknown.

In a family, both parents have the same functions in raising their children in terms of emotional and intellectual energy, money and protection. However, these roles will change over time, and will impact their children 's life in positive or negative ways.

It is best that children raise by both parents because their daily pattern of love and cooperation will help the child to learn what love, security, and family mean. Both parents have roles in teaching their kids morality and nurturing and supporting them. Parents are always a team and support each other. They are the mentors and mirrors to the children, so what they say and do will have a very strong influence on them.

Over the life of the child, the father and mother will play different roles to them from infancy until they are growing up, getting married and having kids. Their roles will alter in different stages of the child 's transition.

These are some differences in the roles between the mother and father. The mother is the one who carries the baby over nine months until childbirth. It is hard work since she has to care about what she should or should not eat to nourish the baby. She sacrifices her slim body to carry a big belly in sluggish motion. She has to suffer from nausea during the first few months of pregnancy. Moreover, she has to undergo the painfulness of delivery.

Alternatively, the father does not carry the baby, but he is the caregiver to Mom. He takes her to the doctor and takes care of her all the time she is pregnant. The father becomes a strong emotional pillar to the mother. He shares household responsibilities, laundry, and ...

... middle of paper ... He rarely shows or expresses his emotion because he wants to show both physical and emotional strength in his children 's eyes. A father will support his children with both financial and emotional energy. He will be the one who will take care of his mother 's children when they are not home. He shares with her in domestic management, and he will support and make mom feel less sadness when she misses her children.

Obviously, we 're living in a society with parents who sacrifice to give everything to their children. Although there are many differences in parents ' function, they have similarities in the parts of creating and building a safe and the peaceful shelter for their children. Wherever the children go, whenever they are exhausted, tired, and frustrated, their parents always stand alongside and support their children with all of their passion and love.

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