Essay On Parental Involvement

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“Parent involvement," a term researchers use to describe the interest family takes in a child 's education, is of special interest to educators who encourage parents to help kids at home with homework and projects. School districts also focus on methods to encourage parents to view the school as an important part of family life as children grow. Theories on parent involvement explore the links between family and school interaction and attempt to identify the reasons for high and low parent participation (Ryan, 2015). In our study, the title “parents” would be defined as the legal guardian or other person standing in the place of the parents or legal guardians; this may include a person such as a grandparent, stepparent, aunt, uncle, older sibling or other person either with whom a child lives or who has been designated by a parent or legal guardian to act in place of parent or legal guardian regarding all aspects…show more content…
Hornby (2011) defines parental involvement as the parental participation in the educational processes and experiences of their children. Parental involvement as defined by Henderson & Mapp (2002) is the family members, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and fictive kin who contribute in significant ways to children’s education and development. Grolnick et al. (2002) on their part, defines parental involvement as the investments parents make for their children. By investment, Grolnick et al. refers to a range of behaviors on the part of the parents that support their children’s academic success. As defined by the Child Trends Data Bank (2013), Parental Involvement in schools refers to the reported participation of a parent at least once in a school’s academic year in attending the scheduled meeting with the child’s teacher, attending a general school meeting, attending a school event, serving in the school committee or volunteering to serve the school in any
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