Essay On Parental Responsibility

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““Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.” .Parental responsibility means being responsible for your child’s wellbeing, looking after your child every day, feeding and clothing your child, making decisions about their schooling, deciding whether to consent to medical treatment and making decisions about their religious upbringing.

In parental rights and parental responsibilities the court upheld the power of states to force parents to ensure that their children attend school this was founded in 1925. The Supreme Court of the U.S has held that parents have a fundamental right to rear their children without undue interference by the government. Parenting carries significant legal responsibilities. In the late 1980’s California and other states passed laws aimed at reducing what states saw as an epidemic of gang-related crimes by youths. Most parental responsibility punishes parents for what they haven’t done. The laws make parents criminally reliable because of them not fulfilling their parental duties of keeping their children from breaking the law.

Parental responsibility laws are one vehicle by which parents are held accountable for at least a minimal amount of damage caused by their children as a result of intentional acts or vandalism. When each state imposes legal responsibility on parents and legal guardians for the delinquent and criminal acts of minors in their charge. He has told his mother he didn't see any vandalism or stealing. ... “He was guilty of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.” Parental responsibility statutes, also known as parental liability statutes, are laws that hold parents criminally liable for ...

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... parents are just as bad as their children. Parents tell their child to bully another or threaten another. “If this happens, they should be held accountable. Parents need to be parents, and not be their child's friends! With saying this it will teach their children the appropriate way to act and not make the parent suffer and look bad in the future. my closing argument for this essay is about establishing trust and respect as a parent, and also education is a major factor children today are not educated to the extent where they can automatically protect themselves from harm. The school system is failing us. How they are failing us is letting these children in school with guns, children eating anything they want and becoming obesity. Children also skip school without their parent’s knowledge while they are at work most teachers don’t care anymore.
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