The Role Of Marital Power On Marital Satisfaction Among American Muslim Society

The Role Of Marital Power On Marital Satisfaction Among American Muslim Society

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Chapman (2014) in his study explains that American Muslim marriages face the challenges of the rising number of divorce cases in their community. That makes it important to understand the factors that influence the increasing number of divorce rates in the American Muslim society. The increasing number of divorce cases result from the shifts in marital power dynamics manifested in gender role ideologies. Like any other form of culture, the American Muslim community has its belief when it comes to gender roles stemming from traditional concepts. The dominant American norms have influenced to some extent the beliefs by changing it to become egalitarian. The study by the author defines the marital power as power outcomes and power bases. That includes the ideologies of the gender roles, the division of household roles and the decision-making process. The study explores the role of marital power on marital satisfaction among American Muslim couples. The article applies the use of 219 American Muslims using hierarchical multiple regressions and uses original data from cross-sectional databases.
The study by Chapman (2014) explores the effects of parents and parents-in-law have on the power of the spouses and on marital satisfaction. The criteria for selection of the participants were that they had high levels of education, they were long-term residents in the United States and they valued religion. The findings of the study suggest that the participants in their evaluation perceived they had high levels of marital satisfaction despite the rising concern of increasing divorce levels. The findings of the study also suggest that in their view of marital power, couples held a, egalitarian gender role resulting from moderate traditi...

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...duals to cede some of their influence in a marriage. A husband cannot be willing to give up some of his decision-making powers to the wife to facilitate achievement of marital satisfaction because of their cultural beliefs.
Future researches need not to stop at the influence of marital power on marital satisfaction, but there is need to incorporate the concept of culture. Globalization is making it possible for the achievement of diverse society. There is also the aspect of intermarriage and that makes it important to understand the influence the different cultures have on marital satisfaction. For instance, a marriage between a Muslim and a Christian Asian woman makes it important for incorporation of the different cultures. The concept of marital power and the ability of spouses to compromise in terms of influence in the marriage associates to cultural background.

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