The Risks of Child bearing at a Late Age Essay

The Risks of Child bearing at a Late Age Essay

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While the personal and psychological advantages and disadvantages interact with married couples deferring their decision to bear a child typically have a positive outcome; the biological effects are not always as clear. Many medical care providers have historically recognized with married couples childbearing late as an significant risk issue in maternal and infant health results (Feldman 1927; Bleyer 1958).
There are so many biological influences that effects women and childbearing such as age and maturity. As a woman ages typically between the age of 35 and later risk factors increase dramatically. In research it is said that 35 years and later is considered the high risk category.
There are many dangerous conditions that can be developed when carrying a child such as fetal/infant morbidity, as well as many other medical conditions that can arise during pregnancy and the delivery phase. These outcomes normally occur in older women, making it harder for older women to carry a child because of the complications. Some of these outcomes can include premature birth, long term deficits in the mother and child, or mortality and fetal neonatal morality. These outcomes occur very infrequently, but are more likely to occur to older mothers than to younger mothers. These outcomes occur very infrequently, but are more likely to occur to older mothers than to younger mothers. The first class of outcomes at some length. Medical research has linked delayed childbearing to the following dangerous but usually temporary outcomes:
1.) “Problems during pregnancy, such as hypertension, hyperthyroidism, gestational diabetes, macrosomia, premature contractions, and uteroplacental bleeding, all of which may lead to a preterm delivery. (van K...

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...ple miscarriages, preeclampsia, diabetes, high blood pressure, and children with Down syndrome. After the age of 35 or later conception is considerably tougher than if a couple were younger. As women age, they begin to have occasional cycles where an egg is never released. Egg quality and quantity also declines in a woman’s 30s and 40s. Sperm and eggs do not increase with strength as they age. Suggesting to conceive when in the mid-twenties to thirty’s to have a better chance at having a baby.
However, there are many advantages to having a child early in a marriage. Some of these advantages include, having a healthy and consistent pregnancy, the likelihood of carrying a baby full term, the male and female reproductive system is still healthy and able to produce a good amount of sperm and eggs, the parents will have enough energy and patience to attend to a child.

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