Premature Birth

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There are many complications that can occur during childbirth, one being premature birth. Premature birth is birth before 37 weeks of development. Each year more than 543,000 babies are born prematurely, (Science Daily, 02/2010). Although there are many causes and possible complications for premature birth, there are also preventions that can decrease the likelihood. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, premature birth comes with several known risk factors or causes; however, even if these known risk factors are not present, a woman can still have a premature baby. Some of these risk factors for prematurity include: carrying more than one baby, having a previous preterm birth, problems with the cervix or uterus, chronic health problems in the mother, certain infections during pregnancy, alcohol use, or cigarette smoking. When a woman has chronic health problems (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or clotting disorders), the baby is affected physically also, (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2009). Along with these chronic health problems, a woman has to consider her environment and how it becomes the baby’s environment also. If a woman smokes or drinks alcohol the baby is receiving all of the toxins that are deadly to a developing fetus and that also have no nourishment qualities whatsoever. Complications can arise even with a full term newborn. However, the chances of complications increases and are apt to be more severe the earlier a baby is born. Preterm complications that can arise include the following: breathing and respiratory problems, feeding and digestive problems, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, and vision and hearing loss to name a few ([CDC], 200... ... middle of paper ... ...s. Most women are fortunate and have an outcome of a full term, healthy baby, however, there are some women that are not so fortunate and have preterm births. With this said, all women, when contemplating pregnancy, should be aware of all the risks and possible complications that can arise and also the preventions that can be taken. Works Cited Petraglia, F., Strauss, J.F. (III), Gabbe, S.G.,& Weiss, G. (2007). Preterm birth: mechanisms, mediators, prediction, prevention and interventions. United Kingdom: London. Prematurity.(2009). Retrieved July 10, 2010, from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Website: Prevention is key research goal for premature babies, scientists say. (2010). Science Daily, Retrieved July 10, 2010, from
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