The Rights And Responsibility : Katharine J. Looker And Timothy B. Hallett 's Article, Individual Freedom

The Rights And Responsibility : Katharine J. Looker And Timothy B. Hallett 's Article, Individual Freedom

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There has been a concern in America that there is a conflict between individual rights and collective or personal responsibility. People believe they have certain constitutional rights that allow them to make their own decisions. But when they decide to make decisions that directly affect another person’s well-being, there becomes an issue. In “Rights and Responsibility” there will be a discussion over recent topics involving the summary of three articles and explanations of passed legislature relating to the issues between personal rights and responsibilities. This research has sought to bring attention to the aforementioned.
The discussion will begin with an overview of Katharine J. Looker and Timothy B. Hallett’s article, “Individual freedom versus collective responsibility: too many rights make a wrong?” In Looker and Hallett’s article they discuss the issues that come when the rights of individuals clash with individual and population benefits when it comes to infectious diseases. They provide scenarios related to the subject matter as well, and contemplate the circumstances that would justify the restriction of rights. However, infectious diseases are not number one on the list of mortality causes. In Derek Lincina’s article, “Negative Health Behavior: A Personal Responsibility or Not?” he argues that the issues of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity far surpass the numbers of infectious diseases. Licina discusses the philosophy of individual responsibility, societal responsibility, and Coresponsibility. As well as an ecological model developed by Brofenbrenner that incorporates individual and environmental factors that are used as determinants in assessing behavior. Because of this, Lici...

... middle of paper ... a known tension between individual rights and personal responsibility. This is because people typically do not like to be forced into doing something they do not believe in, so when legislation is passed against them, it only furthers the tension. These three policies tend to encourage more desirable social behavior, which is more part of the liberal political agenda than the conservatives’.
In conclusion, in this article we have discussed the health related issues of rights and responsibility, and have shed light on some the past legislature relating to both personal and social responsibility. I believe that a society could only balance the issues between liberty and responsibility by enacted laws that effect both sides, or establish some means of further regulating negative entities, and rewarding those who fulfill their own person and social responsibilities.

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