Freedom: Jackie Robinson And The Pursuit Of Freedom

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According to the Collins Dictionary, “freedom” is defined as “the state of being allowed to do what you want to do”(“freedom”). The definition of freedom is simple, but make yourself free is not easy. Concerning about some common cases which will take away your freedom, such as a time-cost high education attainment. In this essay, I shall persuade that everyone should try his or her best to insist on pursuing freedom. For the individual, it appears that only if you have your personal freedom, can you have a dream; for a country, it seems that only if the country is free, can the country develop; for mankind, it looks like that only if people has their own pursuit of freedom, can their thoughts evolve. In the first place, for the individual,…show more content…
Consider Jackie Robinson as an example. Jackie Robinson is a famous negro baseball athlete, he is also the first African American player in the history of Major League Baseball. African American was not allowed to participate MLB until his participation. At the beginning, he was repelled by the White, but he did not stop his steps to chase freedom. Gradually, his outstanding performance changed the point of view of the White had has toward negro. Although African American were not at liberty at that time, his participation was a big step towards true freedom (“Jackie Robinson” 2009). Eventually, it led to not only the freedom of African American nowadays, but also the evolution of human’s thought—no more prejudice toward African American (“Jackie Robinson” 2009). This may be argued that there is someone who have the freedom of thoughts but do not evolve the thoughts of human. Some hermits do has their own pursuit of freedom, but they do nothing for mankind evolution. Consider Chao Fu and Xv You, for example. They both chose to pursue freedom for themselves and refused the application to be the heir of Shang Dynasty. Therefore, they all became hermits and spent all their daily life in a mountain and did nothing to the country. It is clear that with the pursuit of freedom, they made no evolution for humankind. Thus, it is hard to say that only if people have their pursuit of freedom, can the humankind’s thought evolve. However, I disagree. I concede that they did nothing to the country, but they were exactly admired by following people from generation to generation. The story of them indicated the beginning of the Chinese people is extremely pure and free from human desires and passions. Today, although there are many challenges towards commodity economy, most people are not obsessed in the substantial but keep their step to chase freedom. It

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