Rhetoric Essay: Writing Texts

Rhetoric Essay: Writing Texts

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Rhetoric Essay
Numerous individuals in the world of writing see text differently. While some agree with a point 100%, there are others that disagree with the solution or point an author is trying to get across. With disagreement comes debate. With debate comes counterpoints, and facts to back up an individual’s stands on a topic. To an audience, credibility is a main source of understanding; if an author isn’t confident and is creditable in their argument, then it is invalid. Usually an author uses the rhetorical system when countering a reason or stands. Logos are Rational or Logical appeals. The logical appeal uses reason to make a case. Theoretical dissertation is mostly logos driven because educational spectators respect scholarship and evidence. Advocates using logos rely on evidence and proof, whether the proof is hard data or careful reasoning. Pathos is an Emotional Appeal. In a pathetic appeal, speakers focus on a reader’s sympathy and kind-heartedness, anger and displeasure, desire for love, or sorrow to get their point across. Effective rhetoricians can trigger these feelings in an audience even if the feeling wasn’t there beforehand. Ethos use the writer’s own credibility. Rhetoricians use themselves and their position as a “professional” or as a “morally right” to give their argument existence and standing. Using the rhetorical triangle as a tool to appeal or persuade the reader can be very effective if used all together. In the article “Assisted Suicide, Should doctors be allowed to help terminally ill patients die?” Reed Karaim uses Ethos and Logos to prove his point.
Ethos are considered a hit or miss when speaking to an audience. Usually, a writer or author will use himself or quote an individual when speaking on...

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... take the pills on their own. State health agencies are required to provide annual reports on how often physician-assisted suicide is used, and by whom.”
The author uses information stated in the law that fights the statement that assisted suicide will be abused.

Using Ethos and Logos together makes an argument more creditable. Putting a known name to sources can boost reliability on a topic, especially when it deals with something in their field. But as with all, data that not only supports the counter argument, but takes away from the original argument is a great way to pull an audience toward the counterargument. The audience looks to see if what the author or speaker is reliable enough and by taking credibility away from the other side and backing it up with data and reliable sources like experts or professors is a great way to conduct a good counter argument.

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