Annotated Bibliography : Is Assisted Suicide Inhumane Or Dignified?

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Annotated Bibliography: Is Assisted Suicide Inhumane or Dignified?
This is an annotated bibliography for research on assisted suicide and how it effects the patient and the family and friends involved. I am researching whether or not assisted suicide is inhumane or dignified upon request of the patient.
Barlas, Stephen. "Conservative Groups Urge Congressional Response to Assisted Suicide Decision." Psychiatric Times, vol. 23, no. 3, 2006., pp. 58,NC Live. cgi-bin /nclsm?url= Accessed 24 Sept. 2016.
In this article written by Stephen Barlas, a freelance writer who has worked on many topics in his 30 years of writing, a detailed idea is given about what assisted suicide is. This piece gives information on the requirements that must be met in order to receive the medicine used to end your life peacefully. The first is that you must have a terminal illness or some form of mental illness that makes your life harder to manage; in other words you cannot be a healthy person and ask for a doctor to help you die. The second is that you must attend a minimum of 6 months counseling before you decide to undergo this form of “treatment”. Thirdly, you must mention that you want to go through with this more than once, it doesn 't just happen after the first time you mention killing yourself. I will use this research to show the regulations concerning this treatment.
Manu, Constantin D. "Assisted Suicide." Journal of Medicine and Life, vol. 3, no. 1, 2010., pp. 52-9.NC Live. 755214846? accountid=13939. Accessed 24 Sept. 2016.
This excerpt by Constantin Manu, gives definitions and explanations a...

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...ness of the family member.
Dyer, Owen. "California 's New Assisted Suicide Law is Challenged in Court." BMJ : British Medical Journal, vol. 353, 2016.NC Live.doi: Accessed 30 Sept.2016.
What I have gotten from this passage is that Dyer is explaining what people have gone through to make assisted suicide legal. The author shows great interest in providing people with knowledge about how lawyers and doctors have fought the courts on this subject, trying to give people the right to die, so to speak. Dyer goes into detail about a specfic court hearing talking about the people involved, he explains that there was more than just one doctors fighting to legalize assisted suicide; they were all very passionate. I will use this passage to get information on how far people are willing to go, how much patients are willing to fight to die.

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