Analysis: This Republic Of Suffering, Death And The American Civil War

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The American Civil War is one of the biggest turning points in American history. It marks a point of major separation in beliefs from the North and the South and yet somehow ends in a major unification that is now called the United States of America. It still to date remains the bloodiest war in American History. The book “This Republic of Suffering, death and the American Civil War” by Drew Gilpin Faust better explains the change in thought from the American people that developed from the unexpected mass loss in soldiers that devastated the American people. Throughout this review the reader will better understand the methods and theory of this book, the sources used, the main argument of the book, the major supporting arguments, and what the…show more content…
He draws attention to his argument by using statistical evidence and methods of persuasion. The methods that the author uses to better explain his argument of this book include that of researched evidence and rhetoric of ethos, and logos. Examples of each can be found throughout the book. For the researched evidence an example is all the quotes the author uses to better each argument of almost every paragraph of this book. When using quotes, the author can show that he has done research because he pulled the quotes out of multiple sources. An example of ethos is on page 32 chapter two, it states “Tolstoy once wrote what fascinated him about war was “its reality” – not the strategies of generals or the maneuvers of troops but the “actual killings”. “He was more interested to know in what way and under the influence of what feelings one soldier kills another”. This is a prime example of ethos because it evokes emotion of the reader, not only this but it talks about emotion which is in fact ethos. For an Example of logos, the reader can look at page 250 paragraph one, the example is that of the death toll of the Union soldiers. This is logos because it appeals to logic by using statistics to make a logical assumption that lots of Union soldiers were killed and the war was brutal for both the North and the

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