Review of Research on Language Learners' Use E-Dictionaries Essay

Review of Research on Language Learners' Use E-Dictionaries Essay

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Review of Research on Language Learners' Use E-Dictionaries

It is commonly known that using dictionaries is significant for language learners. Almuzainy (2005) pointed out that foreign language learners use dictionaries for decoding activities such as reading, listening, and translating from L2 into L1; for encoding activities such as writing, speaking, and translating from L1 to L2; and for learning in general. Dictionaries can be classified into paper dictionaries and electronic dictionaries. Nesi (2000) noted that “electronic dictionaries are distinguished from paper-based dictionaries in the system of retrieval of information” (p. 839). Nesi defined electronic dictionaries as those with “reference material stored in electronic form that give information about the spelling, meaning, or use of words” (p. 839).
Recently, many researchers have reported that language learners prefer using electronic dictionaries over printed ones. For example, Boonmoh (2010) found that 56% of Thia EFL learners prefer pocket electronic dictionaries. Catalano (1996) described electronic dictionaries as “a valuable tool in the quest for knowledge” (as cited in Dziemianko, 2010, p. 258). According to Chen (2010), the gradual introduction of electronic dictionaries has changed users’ choices and behaviors regarding dictionaries. Moreover, all around the world, lexicographers, researchers, and language teachers have become interested in electronic dictionaries. Dziemianko (2010) asserted that electronic dictionaries should be used by teachers in the classroom because they can improve the vocabulary acquisition of the students and encourage students to use vocabulary extensively.
However, Boonmoh (2010) indicated that some language teachers encourage s...

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