Review Of Multinational Corporation Organizational Culture Essay

Review Of Multinational Corporation Organizational Culture Essay

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Review of Multinational Corporation Organizational Culture
The contemporary global economy has generated an unprecedented need for multinational corporations to reform their organizational structures to give them a better competitive chance in the international market. The intertwined associations, partnerships, and collaboration among international organizations define the attributes of the global economy. In order for Multi-National Companies to survive the frequent and devastating situations in the global market, they should incorporate the best and most effective organizational cultures. Microsoft Corporation is no exception.
Microsoft Corporation is one of the world’s leading software companies. Microsoft Corporation has numerous subsidiaries established across the globe and they all work unanimously to meet the goals of the corporation (Hultkvist, 2010). The organizational structure and culture of Microsoft Corporation and its subsidiaries is determinant to the success of its overall operations. The factors that improve Microsoft’s effective organizational culture encompass the personal diversity of its human resource pool, the organization of its managerial teams, and its innovative framework. Microsoft Corporation’s managerial structure consists of departments tasked to perform various managerial responsibilities. The departments are charged with responsibilities such as sales, human resource management, and planning developmental strategies (Lewis, 2012). On the other hand, for a multinational corporation to reach its full potential, business culture should be diverse and compatible with the organizational specifications, aims, policies, and standards.
Cultural Disparities
Cultural programs are categorized into three dist...

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• Consider incorporating either individualism or collectivism culture when grouping employees depending on the purpose of the group.
• Assign roles to feminine and masculine employees based on the nature of the job.
In conclusion, the dynamics and factors that influence the operations of multinational corporations are greatly embedded within the organizational culture of any multinational corporation. Microsoft Corporation blends a variety of dimensions and structures in order for them to stay relevant in the unpredictable global market. Despite Microsoft’s glamorous success in international fields, it still suffers from setbacks just like other multinational corporations. Multinational corporations have to constantly update their organizational cultures, strengthen their weak links, and strive to meet the unpredictable standards of the global market.

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