How Does Culture Affect Culture And Culture

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Every organization varies in size and shape, with staffs stretching from mostly homogeneous to absolutely diverse and effective working of organizations requires management of both. In today’s globalized world many organization have a diverse workforce that is a direct result of human mobility, that is more and more people are moving from place to place for seeking new homes, job opportunities and foreign workers in search of new employment opportunities in other countries. It has resulted in job relocation, increased job specialization and cultural diversity around the world. Globalization has created a million of new jobs but with the requirement of a specialized workforce which in turn drive people to migrate to places that
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First of all, it is pertinent to discuss what is culture and how are cultural groups formed. This world comprises of billions of people who have evolved and emerged from different regions of the world. One person belonging to a certain region of the world adopts that culture and customs of that land. Similarly, people distinguish on the cultural backgrounds. Culture is a set of particular values, norms, rituals, traditions and customs that a particular society adopts with the passage of time. In this world of globalization, people are keen to find their work or job in different parts of the world. They do not stick to only their homeland. Thus, migrations occur as people try to settle in different places for the sake of earning money and other…show more content…
innovation, growth, intervention). Positive business outcomes from increasing diversity may depend on whether the firm emphasizes an innovation strategy or values retention of top talent. Organizations that value diversity possess organizational flexibility due to the presence of diverse thinking, greater ability to draw and retain the best talent. Apart from affirmative action, a successful diversity strategy must create a work environment that cultivates teamwork, participation, and cohesiveness. These could only be possible with a pro-active approach, long-term commitment of leadership and resources. In general, diversity can be an asset or a liability depending on company’s strategy toward managing
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