The Retail Logistics Of Tesco Essay

The Retail Logistics Of Tesco Essay

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Report: Has Improvement Of Retail Logistics Made Us Loyal Customers
1.0: Introduction
In this report I will be analysing how the retail logistics of Argos and Tesco has influenced us to stay loyal customers to the companies. Due to the lack of time given I have only been able analyse two retailers however if I had more time I could’ve analysed retail logistics further.
Supply Chain Management:
Supply chain management is the flow system into the organisation. There are two flows within the supply chain, physical and information flow. The physical flows in the opposite direction information flow. Supply chain management involves aspects of inventory, distribution, purchasing and supply. (Wild, 2001)
Tesco’s and Argos are two very different businesses Argos is more household appliances and furniture whereas Tesco is a supermarket even though Tesco have slowly started to branch out into selling furniture and selling a wide range of household appliance they aren’t quite there yet.
Tesco sell products online to customers they also smaller convenience stores as well as bigger stores. Argos sell in their stores, online as well as offering their customers a click and collect service. Argos’s presence on the high street is still there.
Argos continue to do promotional offers and sales to encourage more customers to into Argos and buy from them it also encourages customers to keep coming back and remain loyal to Argos.
2.0: Findings & Analysis
Argos Logistics
2.1: Since the 1970’s Argos are known for their use of technology in their supply chain. (ACTIVITIES, 2012) Argos used computer systems to control and monitor their stocks levels in warehouses. However they couldn’t always control stock levels using their computer systems as thei...

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