Tesco - Product, Price, Place and Promotion

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Tesco - Product, Price, Place and Promotion

Product, price, place and promotion are all essential factors that

Tesco need to take into consideration when ensuring the success of

their business. How ever there are a variety of different aims and

objectives in which Tesco have to pursue, therefore in the following

paragraphs my primary objective to demonstrate how each of the 4 p’s

interfere with Tesco’s aims and objectives. The aims in which I am

going to study are:

* Full global expansion as a business

* Become a very profitable business

* To make the business people value the most

* Maintain market dominance

* To be as strong in food as in non food

* To have loyal and committed staff

In order for Tesco to fully globally expand as a business then their

major concern in relation to the 4 p’s would be place and promotion.

Tesco need to ensure that they have researched into all of the major

public areas around the globe in order to gain maximum customer

attraction. Promotion is also another factor in which Tesco need to

consider when aiming to globally expand. Seeing as though they want to

be a popular business globally then there are going to be different

ways and methods in which they can advertise and promote their

enterprise in different countries. Therefore I believe that a good

idea would possibly to research into the countries culture and

traditions and elaborate and expand on these traditions and use them

as a method of promotion. How ever ...
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