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Report on Knowledge Management Strategy Essay

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From the last decade, the discipline of the Knowledge Management (KM) has a long foot development, which was established since 1991.(Sven C. Voelpel and Han, 2005) As the weight of the investment to KM system increasing, the researches of management to knowledge get more complex and integrate. The purpose of this report is to identify the current position on the KM of Siemens, and the recent KM effort within the industry. Furthermore, it will apply the model of Knowledge Management Value Chain to Siemens. In addition, the report will recommend a proper KM strategy to the Siemens group in order to improve the efficiency and performance. The conclusion will be mentioned in the last part of the report, including the limitation of the strategy.

Industry and Siemens
Siemens is the leading supplier in production, transportation, lighting and so on in the worldwide. Not only are the business activities of hardware, but also of the software commenced over 100 countries. In addition, for extending the market share, Siemens offer the customers a diverse product portfolio individually. Security systems and innovative household are included. (Siemens, 2011)Because of the various range of products and services, Siemens is involved with drastic competitions from internal and external circumstances. A simple instance of Phillips can illustrate this problem. These two organizations explore similar target customers. Phillips is focusing on the femininity market about delicate household appliances of beauty, whereas Siemens pays attention to the household which is able to improve the life quality of consumers. Thus, Siemens should concordance their experience and technology logically for efficient productivity.

Knowledge Manage...

... middle of paper ... manage the resource effectively. On the other hand, the incentive issues and the confidential problem should be discussed comprehensively when the KM committees make decisions.

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