Knowledge Work Systems

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The theme of this paper is knowledge worker systems include the functions of the current system implementation and the topics emerging trends. According to the University of North Carolina, (Na), “knowledge management refers to a multi-disciplined approach to achieving organizational objectives by making the best use of information” (p. 1). Knowledge worker tools include technologies for sharing information to improve collaboration and team building. Knowledge worker systems Knowledge management’s focus is on processes and procedures for acquiring, creating and sharing information, and the cultural and technical foundations that support them. Aspects of knowledge management include • People: the ability for an individual in an organization to influence others with their information. • Processes: a method varies from organization to organization, to gather and use information. • Technology: underlying systems to implement a knowledge management initiative. Information may provide organizations and knowledge workers a competitive advantage. Organizational competencies and knowledge-intensive firms may separate their companies from their competitors. The “concept of knowledge is complex and its relevance to organizational theory has been insufficiently developed” (Blackler, 1995, p. 1021). “Knowledge work systems confront people with the way they think, often pointing out variances or imperfections in human dynamics limiting the rate or quality of information production” (Pasmore & Purser, 1993, p. 78). Knowledge work technology is elusive and is embedded in the heads of specialists. Information systems need to support the five images of knowledge including engrained, embodied, enculturated, embedded and encoded. • Engraine... ... middle of paper ... ..., A., (2007). Workplace Innovation: Enterprise of the Future - From the knowledge worker to the knowledge economy - Six billion minds co-creating the future, VINE: The journal of information and knowledge management systems, 37(1), 7-13, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, doi: 10.1108/03055720710741963 Padilla, T. (2005). Digital asset management and anti-piracy at warner bros. studios. Journal of Digital Asset Management, 1(5), 312-316. doi: Pasmore, W. A., & Purser, R. E. (1993). Designing work systems for knowledge workers. The Journal for Quality and Participation, 16(4), 78. Retrieved from University of North Carolina, (Na). Introduction to Knowledge Management, Retrieved from
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