Essay on Religious Identity, By William Jack, Owner Of Masterpiece Cake Shop

Essay on Religious Identity, By William Jack, Owner Of Masterpiece Cake Shop

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his religious identity, but because his request included “derogatory language and imagery.” Her standard against such language is consistent across protected classes. The decision stated:
The evidence demonstrates that the respondent would deny such requests to any customer, regardless of creed…in the same manner that the respondent would not accept an order from anyone wanting to make a discriminatory cake against Christians, the respondent will not make one that discriminates against gays.
The decision noted that Silva is Catholic and her six employees include three Catholics and three who are "non-Catholic Christian", but fail to note of William Jack religious belief. Jack told Denver ABC7 that he found it “offensive” that the Bible verses were considered “discriminatory” or “obscenities,” and suggesting that the Bible had been “censored from the public arena.” William Jack plans to appeal the Colorado Civil Rights Division’s decision.
In the second case, Phillips Jack, owner of Masterpiece Cake shop in Lakewood, Colorado, who refused to design same-sex weddings cake for a gay couple; Charlie Craig and David Mullins because of his religious objections on same-sex marriage. He does provide them, however, other cakes and other sweets products for their wedding reception. Craig and Mullins accused Jack for discriminates against their sexual orientation, they filed a civil rights complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and won. The court held Jack liable, saying that his reason was just a pretext for discriminating against gays, even thought that he never refuses to accommodate them all together. Jack is appealing his case to the Colorado Court of Appeals, in an effort of fighting an administrative court order that for...

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...tely targeting establishments in this manner, essentially using the taxpayers funded resource to directly threaten and harass the First Amendment rights of their fellow citizens. Their actions will only reinforce the biases and hatreds that they claim to be against. This is not enforcement of justice. This is systemic injustice. The trouble-making groups often equating disagreement with hatred. It is unalienable to agree with the concept that everybody have equal rights and freedoms regardless of an unalterable physiological trait or innate that absolutely have no ability effect on a person 's conscience. To disagree with that, in fact, is hatred. It was hatred when it was used against the colors, it was hatred when it was used against women, it was hatred when it was used against any religious, it was hatred when it was used against Christians, and it is hatred now.

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